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Sport on Board

Date: 16.11.2020
Author: Karun
Position: La Palma
Nautical position: 28°40,5 N ; 017°45,9 W
Etmal: 55 total 3052nm

When I am on Bord of the Pelican and I think about sports I immediatly get a little bit homesick. Because sport isn´t just a hobby for me, it´s a passion.
When I personally talk about sports I talk about circus, because I do it three to four times a week. In total I do about ten hours of sports a week.

I think circus is a teamsport. The people I know from there are like a family to me.

In this family the younger ones learn from the older ones. The knowledge is given from generation to generation. You can also decide on your own, what you want to do, when you want to go for it and where your limits are set.

When I do sports I always have fun and I can get my mind free from school stuff and other things that bother me in the moment. With sports I found the perfect balance for my daily routine. It is also good for my body, because I feel a lot healthier after doing it.

Sometimes sports is also a challenge for me which asks me to go to my limits every time I do it. But overall the most important thing when I do my sport is that I have lots of fun with my friends and that I can talk to them all the time.

My sport is also great because you can see the teams improvement and how we all get better together at the things we love.

Sadly I am not able to do my circus sports on board but since a few weeks we have got a fitness circle.

Now we have a yellow bag which is placed on the well deck. It contains some tools to do sports.

Another thing we do here on board sometimes is Laurenzia with Anousch. That means we sing a song with her and every time you say the word Laurenzia or so you have to do squads.

But even if we don´t use the fitness bag we are still doing daily things to keep ourselves fit. I would count climbing, heaving (pulling) the ropes, workouts, taking showers when the ship is moving, seasickness (being seasick as well as helping seasick people), galley duty, exercises in general and living aboard the Pelican can be a big challenge.

When we are not on the ship we´ve already done hiking, snorkeling, surfing, running games, football, frisbee, rope pulling, swimming, stand up paddeling and contests against each others.

I asked my shipmates for their opinion about sports.

Which sports do you do?

Circus, Sailing, Mountainbiking, Yoga, Bouldern, Swimming, Tennis, Climbing, Waterpolo, Soccer, Dancing, Basketball, Skating, Jogging, Handball, Gym, Horseriding, Fighting, Golf, Skiing and Snowboarding.

Half of our group wants to start a new sport the other one doesn’t.

Everybody wants to do more sports on board and if we started an exercise circle, everbody would join.

Most of us miss their sports from home. But we look ahead for new sports in the next countries and maybe in the Caribbean I can put up my vertical curtain (Vertikaltuch) on the course yard or the bowsprit.

Thanks to my parents for the help and this very big chance to be on the Pelican of London, a big hug from La Palma and thousand of kisses. I love you and miss you so much.

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