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Date: 15.11.2022
Author: Johannes B.
Position: Vigo
Nautical position: N48 35,987 W 04 33,717
Etmal: 941 M

Student of Regina Maris

Jogging in the Sunshine

After breakfast and our second Pathway Presentation from Benedek regarding the deep sea, we divided the group in two groups. Jacobs´s group jogged up the hill to the Castelo de Castro and did an exhausting but relieving workout in the sunshine. After some stretching, we took our time to meditate. Jacob, who has stayed with monks in a monastery in Thailand for a few days, told us how to do so.

Football game

The group that decided to go and play football with Justus also left soon after the Pathway presentation. When we arrived at the football pitch, we first formed groups with our pro players evenly distributed. Our little tournament was fun and even though we all slid around a bit on the wet floor and some even slipped, nobody was hurt. Right after we finished our game it started raining so we made our way back to the ship, where a camera team was standing and filmed our beautiful Regina Maris.

Open ship

There was a report on yesterdays news channel, that we would have an open ship day today. People were invited to visit our ship. Volunteer students showed them around the boat, explained our routines and answered questions.

The difficulty was the speaking barrier, but we mastered it well in the end. It was rather funny that so many people wanted to take a photo with themselves at the steering wheel.

Second day of Exploring Vigo

During today’s shore leave, me and my group went to a very good burrito store called: Platero’s Tex Mex Burritos. We had some very nice burritos for an afternoon snack. We also saw some crazy street art. 

Working on the ship

We had a small leak in the front of the boat were a little bit of water leaked into the anker room. Lex fixed that over the day and fixed our AIS System as well.

Random stuff

Lina bought herself two new trousers. She passed her old trousers that got too small after the washing, to Juno.

P.S.: An die Basketball Gruppe: Ich vermisse die Pausen mit euch.

Auch viele Grüße an den Cult. Haltet die Brücke in Ehren.

I’m looking forward to sleep in heaven again 😉

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