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Starting into a new Journey

Date: 25.08.2022
Authors: Leonard + Cabin 6
Position: Dublin Harbour

The Arrival
We were one of the first to arrive. We were greeted by Allie (the first-mate) and shown our cabin and bunks. We unpacked and made our beds. One of the first things we noticed was that the ship rocked despite being alongside. We got to know our bunk mates and immediately started laughing regardless of small language barriers.

Getting to know the Ship
Then we went up into the mess for our safety brief with Allie and went for a tour of the ship and discussed several safety points. After that we went to meet the bosunry team and practiced making ropes fast and coiling. And after that we went up onto the bridge and met David (the 2nd Mate) and Navigation Officer where we discussed helm orders and different duties we had to do whilst we were on watch. We were then fitted with our
safety harnesses which we use for going aloft up the masts and just .

Most important Part of the Day
Then it was dinner which was cooked by Kester who made a nice Pasta Bolognese. To make sure we know what to do in the invent of the worst we conducted a fire drill and practiced putting on lifejackets. We then volunteered to do a harbour watch which is a 2 hour shift overnight and we went for a briefing with David again and made sure we knew what we were doing. We then had some downtime where we played uno and had a random workout session.

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