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Steaming against the wind – but with the current

Date: 07.03.2019
Author: Christian 
Position: Caribbean Sea
Geographical Position: 25*46.09N 79*46.09W
Etmal: (total) 8597Nm

During the night, I woke up three times because Pete and Eugenio, the Deckhands, were woken up to hand sails due to a lack of people. At the moment, it’s hard to sleep in the focsle anyway, reason being we’re steaming against the wind, which causes a constant ‘banging’ of the anchor.

Some of us are back to seasickness and most of us are very tired. At 6 am, I got woken up for galley duty together with Peer and Marcel, the other two male mentors. The reason why all three mentors are together in galley duty is that we are going to start our apprenticeship or the mentor program“ tomorrow.

During the apprenticeship, every mentor spends four days with each crew member (Captain, 1st Officer, 2nd Officer, Bosun and Engineer) and shadows them. The thought behind it is that the mentors get a closer look into each position.

By now, we are very experienced with the normal watch routine after we have spent eight hours a day on the bridge for the past couple of months. With the mentor program, we get the chance to learn more and at the same time, we hand over responsibility to the students, who are going to be watch leaders and command all the sail handling. 

Peer is Captain for the first four days, Lizzy 1st Officer, Marcel 2nd Officer, Ronja Bosun and me (Christian) Engineer. Those positions will rotate every four days with a galley day in between for a break.

Afterwards, we will be giving presentations for one position, so that the students get to have an insight into what we have learned. The rest of the day was really exhausting in the galley – but shortly before dinner we were called outside.

At the horizon, we were able to see the skyline of Miami, one skyscraper next to the other, at sundown first, glowing orange. Then later with many lights in the dark. A beautiful sight!

At that time, the pretty big waves were coming straight from ahead. One wave actually washed over the foredeck and Anousch, Elly and Brian, who were sitting at the tables underneath the Bikinideck, got completely soaked. Everybody who saw that had a great laugh. 

Greetings to my family and friends and greetings to the whole Reed Electronics Team: I will see you in a few weeks (keep my motorcycle ready;))

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