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Still Cape Verdes

Date: 07.12.22
Author: Marvin
Position: St Vicente, Cape Verdes
Nautical position: N 16*53.007 W 24*59.927
Etmal: 2515nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Hello School

As you know we’re the fast ship. And because we are so goddamn fast, we obviously spend much more time on land. That’s why we sometimes squeeze in some school here and there even on land 😉

Today it’s been biology and english. We talked about poetry and even wrote our own little poems. And in biology we have learned about genetics.

Visiting Gunilla

Later, Justus organized a visit on the Swedish tall ship anchoring behind us, called “Gunilla”.

Quelle: Windseeker.org

The kids on bord are all from the same school, but from different classes. They are sailing for two months in a row, once a year, for the coming three years.

This groups destination will be the Caribbeans. From there, they will leave the ship and fly home, while the next group will arrive right after.

Mostly they have square sails, a length of 39 meters without the bowsprit (the long tree in the front), and they have got five washing machines! Five! We got only one.

In general, it’s very beautiful, but we’re still fast as fu** hell.

Shore leave

Although we had some trouble with the engine of our dinghy, we managed to get everyone ashore.

Ashore, we split up in two groups, one playing basketball while the other group was doing workout with “Brother Jacob” and swam in the ocean afterwards. Some French marines who are currently working on a big marine ship in the harbor, came by and roasted us in basketball.

Later we met a German guy at a bar, who has sold everything back at home and has been sailing around the world for some time now.

A Visit from the Gunilla Crew

After dinner and our Ocean College meeting which was mainly about things that we do but should rather not as well as things we don’t do enough but which need to be done, the students from the Gunilla stepped over to get a roomtour by us.

We gave them a Deck tour and showed them our Home. They were very interested about us and we had a lot of nice conversations.

After a lot of talking about the life on a sailing ship and dancing to ABBA, they left and the beautiful day was over.

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an meine Eltern, Alina, Marie und meine Klasse! Marvin

P.P.S.: Happy Birthday Lotta!!!!! Liebe Grüße von Lenya🥳

P.P.P.S.: Happy Birthday Tonneee!!! Liebe Grüße von Marre auch an Mama, Papa, Orli, die Familie und die Pastagang! Ich vermisse euch 🙂 💕

P.P.P.P.S.: Marvin ist eine Ehrenbeere.

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