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Summary of the Costa Rica stay

Date: 01.02.2019
Author: Robert
Position: Red Frogs Marina, Bocas de Toro, Panamá

This year has already begun to turn out as one of the most exciting and jam-packed years for many of us. Having completed our land stay in Costa Rica, many of us have already developed a strong bond to this beautiful country after just one month of residence. Hence, im very keen to familiarize you with it.

Our time in Costa Rica starts on the 1st of January 2019.
Celebrating into the new year could not have been more curious, as described in my last entry, New Year’s Eve was filled with fantastic events and a honorable ‘Dinner for one’ presentation. As New Year’s Day began, all crew was anxious to disembark the Pelican and head out for Costa Rica and the lovely land program that awaited us.

At first, we were sought to be divided into two groups heading for either coast of Costa Rica, the Pacific and Carribean coast. One group joined Ken in Puerto Viejo (Caribbean), the other one Victor in Monte Alto (Pacific) to learn about reforestation and much more.

Being allocated at the Pacific side, myself and my companions were provided with an extra night on the Pelican in lack of half the crew, whom had already departed and set out towards Kens farm. Being given this privilege, the boys and I obviously made use of it and swiftley organized a ‘Cabin party’ in cabin 6, which everybody enjoyed greatly.

The next morning a small bus had already awaited us at the exit of the harbour of Puerto Limon, ready to be beloaded with heavy lugage, comprised of tents, cloathing and in my case school books, due to the fact that I was to be writing my mock exams starting from the 8th of January.

Towards the evening of the same day, after a long and enduring journey, we finally arrived in Monte Alto and were warmly greeted by Victor, who was quick to show us to our dorms and to the dinner, as he himself was very keen to go to bed.

In Monte Alto, we helped lay a gravel path, build and improve a bamboo house, visit the beach and re-painted quite a lot of things. Our time in Monte Alto, I thought, was to become my favorite time of the entire journey.

However, I had not yet known what still lays ahead of me in Costa Rica. This was because our next destination and program, San Josè and the guest families would be at least equally exiting. In total, we spent 16 days with our families.

We got to now much of the Costa Rican kitchen and culture and visited many landmarks, such as the cloud forest, and got to take part in a language school where we were learning quite a bit of Spanish. My family, which accomodated Sinan, Louiz and myself was extremley generous and kind.

Every day, we were provided with a new typical meal for Costa Rica. However, as it is norm for the Costa Rican kitchen, our meals were usually served with a side dish of beans and rice.

Our last stop of our land program in Costa Rica was the coffee farm of Don Carlos. On the 26th of January, after a decently long bus ride, we arrived and set up camp. Throughout our days at the coffee farm, Joachim and Sandra, coffee experts from Berlin, taught us plenty of details from seed to bean and from bean to cup.

Don Carlos, the owner of the farm, integrated us in the production process of coffee. We helped harvesting the coffee and were taught about the further production process that is required to manufacture a ‘specialty coffee’, as it is grown on carlos’s farm.

We have returned to the Pelican 3 days ago, and we are currently getting used to the ships routine again. Today we have arrived in Red Frogs Marina, Bocas del Toro, Panama to stock up provisions and enjoy the beautiful beaches before we go to Cuba.

Greetings to my family and friends back home.
Robert J.

PS: Liebe Oma, ich wünsche dir alles, alles Liebe zum Geburtstag. Ich kann zwar leider nicht mit dir feiern, aber ich hoffe, du spürst, dass ich dich aus der Ferne umarme. Viel Spaß mit dem Rest der Familie, ich bin mir sicher, in dem ganzen Chaos merkst du gar nicht, dass ich nicht da bin. Eine Riesen-Umarmung von der anderen Seite der Welt. Wir sehen uns im April. – Kira M.

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