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Sunday is fun day! Especially when you’re cleaning the Pelican

16. October 2022
Authors: Peer & Elizabeth
Position: Tor Bay (near Brixham)
Nautical Position: 50°24.708 N 003°31.469 W
Etmal: 388,5 NM

We are the cleaning team of the Pelican

The last week I’ve been wondering why my parents let me go on this voyage. Now I know! Not only to see one of the most beautiful places in the UK, the Tor Bay near the city Brixham, where we are still at anchor, but also to finally learn how to properly clean stuff.

This afternoon we had our first „happy hour“. For that, each of the watches got a specific task to do. Fore watch had to clean our lovely cabins, Mizzen took on the task of cleaning our famous messroom and the reason for our daily getting out of bed, the galley, and Main watch went and took care of the deck. We had to clean this ship together.

Sadly, the cleaning staff stayed home… we are the new cleaning professionals of the Pelican. In order to get the job done properly, „TEAMWORK“ was written in capital letters! After an hour of hard work and the top songs from the ship’s playlist, now the feedback of the Captain: „For the first time it was ok, I’ve seen worse“.

That needs to be topped next week!

Put together with the lack of space, cleaning also brought us closer together.

Mom, when I’m back in six months, we’re going to clean like we’re on the olympic team on our way to winning the gold medal, just like I learned on the Pelican of London.

High, Higher, the Highest, at the Top.

Today we all climbed the main mast to its highest platform. So, if you have a fear of heights… stay down! But once you’re on the highest platform all that will be forgotten and the only thing on your mind is the breathtaking view. The weather today was in our favour, which made the climbing a lot more fun, even for those who are not just yet a 110% sure of climbing.

At the end of the day everyone was able to conquer the mast. No one got injured, which is going to be a norm for the rest of the voyage (hopefully).

Quiz Evening on the Pelican of London

Quiz question: How many sails does the Pelican have? 3..,2..,1.. time is over!

The Pelican has eleven gigantic sails, which can be set at the same time. How many hamsters in wheels do you need to run the Pelican? 428.000 (without animal cruelty)!

Those questions and many more we had to get through together. Our teachers on board had the best idea to organize a quiz evening. Everyone was invited. We all were sorted in teams named after the sails of the Pelican.

Closely sitting together in the messroom, we discussed the difficult questions in our groups. In the end, team “royal sail” won with 25 points followed by the “inner jib” and the “course sail” with 24 points. The “royal sail” won this session and got the main prize of one package of gummi bears which are one of the best currencies on board.

To summarize, we had an unbelievable evening together with our teachers and today we can again write about a super day on the Pelican of London into our diaries.

Best regards from the Pelican of London with our 8th day of our unbelievable journey

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