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Sunny Sunday

Date: 04. December 2022
Author: Peer
Ship: Pelican of London (PoL)
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 18 58.8 ́N 028 28 2 W
Etmal: 3350 NM

This sunny Sunday was lovely. It was sunny the whole day, we had no clouds and almost no waves. Everything was calm as if the ocean was relaxing to reflect our mood on this one school-free day of the week.

All in all, the gigantic Atlantic shows us its best side on these days. Sadly, we had no wind catching our sails so we couldn’t sail, and we are still traveling by engine.

But we used this free day to chill together in the sun on deck. Many of us had some burning red areas on our bodies after this sunny day, but after using a magic substance called “After Sun” nobody got a longer health issue.

Turn the music on!

After clean ship and the dreaded Captain cabin rounds, Captain Chris announced that we are finally allowed to listen to music while we are on watch and on the bridge. BUT we have to follow some rules which differ depending on our officers. For example, if Simon is the officer of the watch, maximum of one ABBA song, one Disney song and definitely no German rap (!) are allowed.


Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

But probably the most relaxed time today was on watch. It was really hot and sunny and we were all very thirsty. However, the atmosphere was really relaxed and funny. We were all listening to Tamsin’s chilling music when we got the idea to create a new mayday (emergency) call fitting our situation on watch similar to a general mayday call:

Pelican of London, Pelican of London, Pelican of London.
My Position is 18 degrees 58 decimal 8 North, 028 degrees 28 decimal 2 West.
My call sign is Charlie, Oskar, Oskar, Lima.
Pelican of London.
I`m relaxing with chill music on watch and we are out of water!
I require immediate more cool fresh water plus more fresh oranges.
We are six relaxing people on watch – six people on watch.
We are a three-mast square sailing vessel with too many thirsty people on the bridge. OVER”.

Five Minutes later some dolphins came to take a look at the thirsty watch on the Pelican’s poop deck. Sadly, they didn’t bring us some fresh cool lemonades, but the sight was just beautiful. When some flying fish then also came jumping out of the water, the moment was just perfect.

So that was a new long relaxing and chilled day on the Atlantic Ocean.
I’m looking forward to the next days and what will come in the future on the seemingly endless ocean.
Greetings from the Pelican of London.

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