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Surfing at Jacó Beach

Date: 12.01.2020
Author: Ruben
Position: Surf Camp Vista Guapa
Etmal: 0
Geographical Position: Jacó Beach

I woke up at 6 o’clock in our two man tent with Jonas still sleeping next to me, I lay in bed or rather on my Thermarest for another hour as breakfast only started at eight.

For breakfast we had some sausages, a salad, Rice pudding and some scrambled eggs. Like the dinner the night before it tasted lovely.

After Breakfast we had some free time which we either spent in the pool or packing our stuff together as at eleven o’clock we went to beach.

Ruben beim surfen


After a fifteen minute bus drive we arrived at the beach with everybody really looking forward to surfing, but first we had some lunch.

The lunch was delivered to us and was made up of another salad, meat covered in dough and some in sugar covered sticks.

Our desert was a nice and fruity watermelon the first proper one in Costa Rica.

We finished lunch at about thirteen and had some free time until two fifteen, when the first group started surfing.

The others had another one and half hour of free time.

As I was in the second group I just stayed in the water and enjoyed splashing around without purpose some people may have gotten pushed underwater but maybe that’s just a myth too.

Then finally it was my turn to start surfing, and what should I tell you? It was just awesome.

I love the feeling when you’re on the wave heading with what feels like high-speed for the beach.

The only annoying thing can be that when you’re sitting there waiting for a wave it sometimes takes quite a long time for the right one to come.

Back Home

Then after one and a half hours of surfing we had to give our boards back and immediately started getting ready for the trip back home.

After washing off the salt and putting some dry stuff on, we headed for our bus who was waiting for us.

We made ourselves comfortable and drove back for another three and a half hours as there was an accident on the way – it was about ten o’clock in the evening when we arrived at Coronado, we went home and ate for dinner as it was quite a tiring day we immediately went to bed.

In total  it was a fantastic day and the only sad thing is that I know that tomorrow won’t be the same.

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