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Swaggy Day at sea (like always)

Date: 17.12.2022
Author: Soraya
Nautical position: N 14 46.648 W 32 38.911
Etmal: 3098,6 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Another lovely Saturday morning

After we started our day with a filling breakfast, we had highly interesting and life changing (not ironic) math lessons with our lovely teacher Larissa aka Larry. Afterwards we were given the opportunity to work on our self in our self-reflection class with Brother Jacob. Today we worked on our mindset and beliefs and how these affect our ability to work towards our goals. Those were followed by seamanship lessons with our new crew member Lisa (we’ll also find a nick name for her).


After we enjoyed our more than delicious lunch, cooked by our new cook Milo and the galley team, the bell on the main deck rang. If the bell rings that means that we all must gather on the main deck as fast as possible and count off. That primarily happens if the crew wants to inform us about important stuff.

Today we were first asked what the point of the meeting would be. It was kind of obvious but still unexpected at the same time: NO ENGLISH ON DECK! Our new crew doesn’t like that we are too comfortable with speaking German on deck, whether it is on the poop deck while you’re on watch or on the main deck. In this meeting it has been made clear:

The poop deck is now a “English-only Zone”. That means that you must talk in English no matter if you’re on watch or spend your free time there. And we also must speak English on the main deck when we are doing work like setting sails. If you still speak German you will have to spend more time in your watch, if necessary, also in your free time. And I’m talking about five additional minutes of watch for every German sentence.

If you get caught having a whole conversation in German… may Jesus be on your side. I have to be honest, it is not the nicest message to receive in the morning, nevertheless we also have to see the positive in it. Improving our English skills and… yeah that’s pretty much it – but that’s so cool (maybe meant in an ironic way).

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

Christmas is just around the corner. While you are probably freezing at home sipping on your cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and maybe even seeing the first snowflakes falling, we are sailing to the hot Caribbean whilst wearing shorts and tank tops and sweating like hell.

That means that we need other ways to integrate a Christmas atmosphere here on the ship. Our professional dough taster’s Marlene, Marietta, Jule, Maliqa, Vanessa and Benedek are preparing delicious cookies for the Christmas atmosphere to arrive on board. In general, we are already planning on how to make this Christmas, which we are probably going to spend on the Atlantic, an unforgettable experience.

Special thanks to Vanessa who overtakes the whole general planning of our Christmas preparations. I am pretty sure that we’ll have a beautiful sunny Christmas here. But of course, we are all missing our families and looking forward to Christmas next year when we’re all back together.

Getting to know one of our new crew members

You may already have a bit of an impression on our new crew member’s through previous daily reports. But that is of course nothing compared to a real “get to know each other”. That’s why I interviewed one of them today. The lucky person I am talking about is Ruben. He has been sailing now for 11 years and already crossed the Atlantic for at least three times.

Though before he chose sailing to be his main profession, he worked as a social worker for people in needs. His brother than found an advertisement in the newspaper about a job on a ship on which he eventually applied and got accepted for. The time he will stay with us is still undefined, but we hope that he stays at least until Costa Rica.

Rubens expectations about the journey

And he wishes or expects from this voyage that after the Caribbean, we are able to do a real handover of the ship. This means that we can fully run the ship on our own and the officer barely have to do anything. Now that I have told you something about Ruben I now want to continue with the really interesting and important information about him.

His favourite colour is green. That’s because he references the colour green with life and nourishment and sees the beauty in it. And he likes Rock’n’Roll. He even plays guitar and harmonica. It ‘s not his first time being on the Regina Maris, so I asked him, if he knows the ship well. He answered and I quote: „The Regina Maris is like an old friend. The ship is like a human, everything changes“. He also emphasized that ships are normally female. Back in the days most sailors tend to be men and if the ship is female, that means that they would really take care of the ship.

And his definition of true love (that’s one of the most beautiful answers I ever heard to the question) is the biggest treasure he could ever find.

The daily report has been quite long today, my apologies for that. But I hope that you still enjoyed reading it. We are all wishing you the best, stay safe and enjoy your day!

Quote of the Day

Nikita: Daddy, chill!

P.S.: Grüße an Ami, ich hoffe du hattest einen guten Namenstag! Wenn ich falsch liege, dann Entschuldigung, aber ich glaube irgendwann ist irgendeine Feier oder so! Auf jeden Fall alles Gute und Grüße an alle!

P.P.S.: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglich My!! Ich hab dich ganz doll lieb und es tut mir so leid, dass ich vergessen habe dir gestern zu gratulieren!! Ich hoffe du hattest einen ganz tollen Tag❤️ Viele liebe Grüße, Lenya ❤️❤️❤️

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