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Sweet little Dartmouth

Date: 10. October 2021 (der Tagesbericht vom 09.10. wird als Video nachgereicht, sobald wir Internet im Hafen haben)
Author: Lilli, Mathilde
Position: Dartmouth, Harbour
Geographical Position: 50°21.0N , 003°34.6W
Etmal: 79 NM (total distance: 748NM)

At 01:30 in the morning we anchored near the harbour of Dartmouth in England.

Because of that we had anchor watch for the first time. That means you only have to be on watch for one hour, but you have to control more things and do that every 15 minutes.

After breakfast we started our way to the harbour. On our way we saw lots of little fishing boats and many people taking pictures of our ship. That’s why Simon calls it „The magnetic Pelican“.

After lunch we had a shore leave with the rib to the little city. Some of us did a walk to a castle and went swimming. Even if the water was still cold, they told us it was very nice. They also saw a little baby seal in the water, but unfortunately it was already dead.

Eating fish and chips was also necessary in the english city. We were very lucky with the weather as Britain is usually known for a lot of rain. It was very warm and sunny, so we could sit in the sun while eating our traditional fish and chips.

In the evening our teacher for science, from our crew called Mickey, had a very interesting experiment for us. He showed us how to transform copper coins into silver and golden ones.

The second highlight of the evening was our first movie night. We watched, related to our visit in the UK, „Asterix und Obelix bei den Briten“.

The day overall was a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to many other movie nights.

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