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Sweet surprises on the famous Pelican

Date: 16. October 2021
Authors: Clara N. & Laure
Position: Vigo Harbour
Geographical Position: 42°14.‘6N, 008°43.‘5W
Etmal: 7 NM (total distance: 1319NM)

Arrival in Vigo

Today’s morning we were still in the same bay, we anchored the night before. It should not be a surprise to be in the same place on the next day, but we didn’t know before if we could stay there.

But we were all happy that we could sleep the night through. I think the quote that Leon made, as I write this report, fits the best.

“No Risk, No Hafenplatz”.


After breakfast the fore watch got ready to move on and we flaked some Mooring Lines and fought about the place in the rib.

In the end Leni, Connor and Ariadni made the race. We all thought that we would go quickly into the port of Vigo, but we motored for three more hours.

As we arrived, we perfectly got into our berth and Ffyon threw a perfect monkey fist. But then a nice policeman came and let us know that we are in the wrong berth.

So we needed to take the mooring lines back in and got to our right berth.

Shore Leave in Vigo and Evening

After lunch we had Shore Leave in Vigo and everyone was doing different things but some times some groups met and did some chatting and then split up again but maybe some of the different group members changed. My group for example, bought some scrunchies and ate pretty sweet things in a little café.

After we all came back and had dinner, we had a big meeting with all Ocean College students. At first we split into small groups and discussed which rules we want after these three weeks we are on the pelican (isn’t it going fast ?!). After 45 minutes we got back into the mess room to share the ideas that we worked out in the groups.

Then we had another sweet surprise, literally. We got surprised with some sweets, like baklava, sweet rolls and chocolate. Then everybody enjoyed the first evening in port and at 00:00 some of us wished Victor Happy Birthday.

Visitors of the Pelican

And for this end I want to talk about the different types of people who are going by our Ship.

  • At first we have the pelican as background for all kind of photos. We had a dog posing in front of us, whole families and old Ladies doing fancy peace signs.
  • Then we have the interested ones, who are either telling their whole families everything about sailing ships, with the pelican as an example or start chatting with us and are very curious about what we are exactly doing.
  • And then we have the ones who are almost camping in front of us, because we are so fascinating.

Either way, we always love if people admire us and love to chat with everybody and are all very proud to be a part of this ships crew and voyage.

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