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The 15

Author: Janek
Date: 26th of March
lat.: too lazy to find it out
long.: see above
Position: north Atlantic
From the Ocean College voyage 2020/2021 there are only 15 days left. 15 days mean two times happy hour, two times laundry day, a couple of times shower day and most important 15 days left for things you can only do during Ocean College. And now I have prepared a list of 15 things, us Ocean College students will really miss after we arrived in Emden, that means when Ocean College is over. Now you are asking yourself: ”Why 15 things and not for instance 10 or 20 things?” The answer for that question is simple: 15 things because of the 15 days we have left from this years Ocean College.

Janek in the rigg
  1. Breakfast in the saloon at 10 o`clock
  2. Climb up for-, main- and mizzenmast
  3. Going outside in the morning and the only thing you can see is the blue ocean
  4. Dancing to music on watch
  5. To live and work with your friends the whole day
  6. Travel over the Atlantic with the Peli
  7. Visiting other countries and cultures
  8. Talking with your shipmates in the evening.
  9. The funny moments on watch
  10. Going into the warm bed after 0 – 4 watch
  11. Not so much school
  12. The shanty nights
  13. The handovers
  14. All of the lovely permanent crew
  15. Most important our friends we made on Ocean College

    The bad things
    But when we think about Ocean College not everything was so great that we will miss it. We can see that at the few examples which I will show you soon. But these things are still better than the bad things at home. 
    -Happy hour (cleaning)
    -The sentence: “all hands on deck” when you want to sleep
    -Sail handling in the middle of the nights
    -Night watches
    -Met obs (weather observations)

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