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The arrival of Neptune

Date: 22.November 2021
Author: Lukas
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Geographical Position: 1948. 9 N, 03535. 3 W
Etmal: 153 NM (total: 4029)

Today we were told that we were going to have visitors on board, Neptune the Great. After lunch we had to meet up on the well deck to wait for our guest. When he arrived with his very attractive daughter Connor, Simon, also known as Neptune held a very emotional speech about our Atlantic´s forbidden entering. After that we were called in front of Neptune and Connor name by name, had to kneel down and then we had some old Curry- Mix poured over our heads. It went everywhere: Our hair, Face and all over our clothes and bare skin. As if that had not been enough we had to drink a Tabasco- Coffee- drink.

I personally felt like throwing up when I smelt it and when I drank it. All of us got a fish name, which were called out loudly during our Christening. And after that we were allowed to flood the deck with the hydrants and the water hoses. Everyone was holding their heads under the water, trying to get all the rice and sauce out of our their hair. But our clothes still smell and have some weirdly- colored spots on them, but we are confident that they will wash out! 😉 But after all it was a fun and interesting day!

The students‘ fish names:

Ann: Social Wrasse
Ariadni: Pixie Hawkfish
Bennett: Greater pipefish
Charlotte: Splendid Dottyback
Clara M: Royal Damsel
Clara N: Pygmy Cherub Angelfish
Connor: White Shark
Daisy: Chocolate Clownfish
Dana: Sea Pony
Hanna: Japanese Angelfish
Helene: Phantom Butterflyfish
Jele/ Jelly/ John: Lampary (we don`t talk about that haha)
Jonathan: Sharksucker
Julian: Tiger Blenny
Jule: Clown Grouper
Natzender hüt/ Knut: Peacock Razorfish (Because of my impressive beard)
Laure: Knight fish (everybody thinks its night fish because that would fit better cause I’m always awake at night )
Leni: Jewelfish
Leon: Batfish
Lilli: Bluefin Unicornfish
Lorenz: Dolphin fish
Luise: Queen Triggerfish <3
Lukas: Round Belly Cowfish
May/Mathilde: Port and Starboard Lightfish
Maria: Sea Raven
Marlon: Boofhead catfish
Max: Spiny Dogfish
Maxim: Grunting Toadfish
Tillibus: Back-Spotted Puffer
Victor: King Makerel
Yarina: Golden Mini Grouper


Alina: Mistery Wrasse
Luca: Grasspuffer
Paula: Sailfish
Sara: Psychodelic Mandarin Fish

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