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The art of waking up

Date: 04.02.2021
Author: Lukas
Position: Caribbean Sea, close to Cuba
Nautical Position: 19°07,5 N 82°32,3 W
Etmal: 179 NM (8931NM insgesamt)
When we are at sea, we have very fixed daily routines so that we can‘t sleep for more than eight hours straight every day. That means that if you don‘t take care of your sleeping routine, it is very easy to get tired here. But the more tired you are, the funnier it can be for the people who wake you up. Sometimes it takes several minutes to wake a person up and sometimes you even wake up the whole cabin and the only person sleeping is the person who should be awake.

Student in bed

Today I would like to show the different ways and techniques of waking up. In the last few months we developed some very special and effective methods to get people out of bed.
The most used way to wake someone up fortunately is the normal „Good morning, it‘s … o‘clock, did you sleep well? You have watch in 30 minutes. It‘s lovely weather outside, not very cold. A pullover is enough.“ This is the nicest way to wake somebody up. It works very often but compared to the other ways it‘s still the most ineffective. Sometimes, when the sleeper is too tired, it can happen that you get no answer at all. Or you could get an answer that also makes sense but the person isn‘t really awake, directly falls back asleep and later can‘t remember the situation anymore. Unfortunately, this happened to me this morning when we had a seamanship lesson. I was ten minutes late and because the lesson couldn‘t start on time, I had to give my dessert of the day to the bosunary team.

Lukas and Finja at the Bowsprit

A funny method which Sven, our teacher, developed is to tell a half awake person that they have school now and are already late. This works better. If you want Julius P. to sit straight in bed very quickly, this is the most effective method.
Besides the talking we can also sing to wake people up. Martha and Finja once woke Sophia E. up by randomly starting to sing „Happy Birthday“ for her. It wasn‘t Sophia‘s birthday and Martha and Finja just saw a very confused face looking out of her bed.

Lukas and Franzi in the jungle

Creative ways of waking up are very good against being bored. A week ago I was woken up very carefully by Viktoria and Finja. They threw a buddy to cuddle into my bed: A fender. It took them half an hour to get the fender down into the green mile without getting noticed by the crew. Very effective, works in 10/10 cases.
There was also a morning in Costa Rica when Nicolas and Franzi woke us up very nicely. At the last morning on the coffee farm they walked around the campsite, Nicolas played the ukulele and Franzi sang “Somewhere over the rainbow”. But some people didn’t want to get up. So Nicolas and Franzi took out the poles and the tents collapsed. That was actually very comfortable because you had an extra blanket but it was more difficult to pack your things as well.

Lukas in the rigg

But my favourite wakeup was on christmas morning at 07:00 O‘clock. We have the great luck that Martha, Finja and Julius M have brought saxophones with them and they played a little bit on christmas eve. Caspar and me had the harbour watch from 06:00 – 08:00, so it was our task to wake everyone up. So, together with Nicolas, we lent some saxophones (thank you very much again 😉 ), marched through the green mile and played some very ugly good-morning melodies for everyone. We have never played the saxophone before.
Ich möchte meiner Freundin Zuhause alles Gute zum Geburtstag wünschen.

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