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The Atlantic journey begins…

Date: 26.11.2018

Author: Lauryn

Position: Atlantic

Geographical Position: 16° 45.112N; 26° 06.821W

Etmal: 65NM (total: 2922)

Because of the beautiful and exciting day yesterday everybody was very tired. So I went to bed a little earlier to get enough sleep to not get seasick when we go to sea again.

But unfortunately, I was woken up from Theresa at 03:45 and she told me that I have harbour watch from 04:00 to 06:00 because nobody wanted to do that this night and so I was chosen from a list.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem for me but I had school at 08:00 in the morning. After my unwanted watch I went back to bed and decided not to go to breakfast to get some sleep until 07:55.

At school I was sitting there just like a person who had a hangover, trying hard to keep my eyes open. After lunch, we set all the sails except for the outer jib, because we have to wait for parts to be repaired, which will probably only happen back in Europe.

And than we left the Cape Verdes westwards to the Carribbean… In the afternoon, I did a one hour nap and worked on my presentation which is probably in 5 days if we manage to stick to the schedule;)

At end oft he day I had a lovely kiss from a flying fish which flew on board accidentally.

P.S.: Entschuldigung an meine Familie, dass ihr meinen Tagesbericht schon wieder nicht so gut lesen könnt, aber es gab mal wieder Planänderungen, sodass ich wieder auf Englisch schreiben musste…
Liebe Grüße an alle zu Hause!


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