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Datum: 11.03.2019
Autor: Sophie 
Position: Bermuda Triangle
Nautische Position: 29°39.N 74°48.9W
Etmal: 9070 nm

Do you know the moment, when you wake up because of the sunlight, the sound of the sea and a nice smell of a cooked breakfast? No? Oh, me neither!

Today the night watch didn’t do a very good job waking up the people for breakfast… they forgot our room (cabin no. 9!). Marlen came in our room at 7:42 and woke us up by asking if we didn’t want to have breakfast, because it’s only three more minutes… And so we ran in our pyjamas out of our way too hot and smelly room.

We were lucky. Some slices of bread and some oats were still left over and so we ate as fast as we could to be on time for school.

In Geography/Biology we continued to work on our project, which is about the problem of overfishing. In history, we played a game called ‘Tabu’ with historical terms and in maths we played ‘ships drowning’ (Schiffe versenken) on the unit circle with sine, cosine and more.

Because of my 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock watch in the evening I have quite a lot of free time in the afternoon to do whatever I want. In our happy meeting, Anousch introduced us a new riddle, which we are supposed to solve until Bermuda. It goes like this: Everybody stands in a circle and one person steps up, points at random people and says: “This is a finger pointing game, if you listen very well, you will know who it is.”

Then the person counts “Three, Two, One” and after that, everybody should point at the person they think it is. The person in the middle then confirms who it was. (If you have any clue, please give me a hint:)).

After the meeting, I sat outside and did some schoolwork but the wind made me go inside very soon again. Back in the room I met Nele and we talked about home. Luckily, I did not get homesick yet but I’m sooo excited to see my family, friends and my own bed again!

I’m confused because on one hand I’m looking forward to come back home, start crazy things with my friends and have funny moments with my family. But on the other hand I also don’t want the time to pass so fast, because it is so amazing here and I won’t be able to experience this again.

We stopped our talk by the time we realised that it smells like pizza! Of course, our first reaction was screaming and walking up the stairs to the mess. We were right, our amazing galley-team (Tati, Tabi and Nils) prepared pizza. REAL PIZZA!!!!!

For everybody who is doubting that this pizza could not have been good, because we’re on a boat, you’re wrong! A nice cross, thick and fluffy pizza base, covered with tomato sauce, cheese and tomato slices. OMG! Amazing!

After dinner, it was presentation time for Elisa. She talked about Phytoplankton and Photosynthesis and her presentation was so special, because she talked in Schwitzerdütsch (Swiss german).

We were already so happy because we had pizza for dinner, but when the galley-team confirmed that there are cinnamon-apple-muffins waiting for us in the saloon, Jesus, that’s what you call excitement! It was a family recipe from Ricarda, so delicious!

When I had watch it started to rain a little bit, but we didn’t care. We sang Christmas songs, danced and continued our daily story-time. It goes like this: Nick says the letter “A” out loud and then goes through the rest of the alphabet in silence until I say stop. Then each of us has to tell a story of our life, based on a word which starts with the letter where I stopped Nick. 

At 11:30pm, we then started, as always, to wake up the next watch. But when we went upstairs again we heard a very weird noise and saw a shadow flying next to the boat.

This noise was so strange, it didn’t sound like a bird or anything familiar. We thought about a whistle or a monster-bird, which lives in the Bermuda-triangle… Maybe this monster is the reason for so many lost boats?

After that strange experience we left the white-night-watch alone and went to bed.

PS: Greetings to my family and friends! I’m looking forward to see u tomorrow in a month!  

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