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The calm before, during and after the storm

Datum: 06.03.2022
Authors: Leon & Clara M.
Position: North Atlantic
Geographische Position: 35* 40.6’N 045* 37.0’W
Etmal: 94 (12.038)

An exciting nightwatch

We had just repaired all the damage we’d done in the last days, but last night we managed to destroy part of it again. At about 16:00 our very effective lookout Leon saw some dark clouds. But David said: Don’t worry, it won’t hit us. Just a few hours later, whilst looking at the sunset, we saw the clouds again- but a lot closer. Whoops. <3
In the evening many of us were playing cards in the messroom, when suddenly we all slid down the benches, because the waves had got so high. On deck in the pouring rain there was a lot of sail handling and bracing going on. Our staysail had also ripped again, which made things a lot more complicated than needed. Adding to these struggles, the fire alarm went off in the engine room. David and Simon went to investigate and David then said: „Don’t worry it’s all fine. There’s no fire, just some smoke coming from the engine room.“
Nice one, David. Basically our generators aren’t working as we want them to.
Because all good things are three, another thing had to break. Which was of course the most important thing our ship has: The helm. We had to start helming with the emergency wheel in the wheelhouse, because it was too rough to use Mike our AutoPilot (he’s also broken now, Rip).

A new day has come
Today was a great day with a great program and some great food. For breakfast there was Nutella, but many of us decided to sleep in and not get up. Then at 10:30 clean ship started. Simon said it didn’t go very well. Our excuse is that’s because we’re all so tired. At the voyage Crew meeting we then decided to cancel the games and events we had planned for the evening and do that another day because everyone was still tired from the night. Today is a very exhausting day with the watches, it’s Sunday, which means Dogwatches. One watch always has the Arschkarte and that’s us this time. Yay. We usually then have eight hours of watch, but due to clocks we only had seven. Whilst we were on watch there was some work going on on deck, the Bosuns were repairing the staysail and once that was finished they got down the Royal from its yard. The Royal broke a couple of days ago.
Fortunately the food today was very good with Tomatosoup and Carbonara. The day is now going to end soon and we are slowly but surely sailing towards the Azores with a rainbow on our portside.

Greetings from Bennett:
Happy birthday dad, I hope you enjoyed your day!

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