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The cloud forest

Date: 16.01.2019
Author: Nils
Position: Coronado, Costa Rica

A magical and untouched piece of paradise on earth. There is no way any song or poem or any kind of other literature can describe this incredible nature phenomena called forest. But it seems I have the task to try exactly this today.

The bus took us from one beautiful place to another. We thought in our time on either coasts of Costa Rica we had seen every type of forest there was to see in Costa Rica… We were instantly proven wrong as our two white busses took us deep into the mountains and away from the civilization of Coronado de San José, which we have come to familiarize with during our time in our host families.

As I was sitting in the second bus on our way up the mountain I could repeatedly see the first bus vanish into the suffocating and hypnotizing green of the forest and then reappear as our second bus went around the corner following the first bus in close pursuit.

When we arrived at our destination in a small village in the mountains we dismounted the busses and set off along a wide road into the Forest. After about half an hour we reached a small cottage on a ledge overlooking a cloudy valley. Here we could go to the toilet and enjoy a small break before the real part of the hike started.

The next part of the hike was a nature path, followed by a flight of muddy and slippery wooden steps leading down and deep into the rainforest. Panting and exhausted from the relatively long walk our group settled down by a small waterfall followed by a stream that trickled down the mountain through the rocky ground.

What a beautiful place for a meditation that could have been, but not with Justus, Leopolds and my thirst for adventure which ended us up on the opposite side of the stream with no clue of how to get back onto the other side. While Leopold and Justus successfully jumped from rock to rock and ended up on the other side safe and sound I carried on checking out the area of the side of the stream I was still on.

Let me try and paint the picture here for you: Strait ahead lay the copper-colored river making its way around big rocks and beneath fallen bamboo trees. On either side of this deep orange trickle of water was a color explosion of millions of different shades of green and brown and every now and then a red,white, blue or yellow flower popped its head through the thick moss and large leaves of the trees. This color contrast made this place one of the most magical and unique that I have ever visited.

On our way back up the mountain, which was an agonizing task, we reached a lookout point and got to see the same diversity of colors and flowers as I had experienced at the waterfall already.

The rest of the way back to the village was filled with gasping faces of people looking at the landscape from ever different angles and places.
We might not have seen animals like tapirs, jaguars or pumas, but we did definitely see the most phenomenal landscape for the whole trip so far.

In the village we had the common local meal casado, that means rice with beans, salad and vegetables either with chicken, beef or cheese. Having satisfied our hunger und thirst we mounted our two busses and made our way out of the Forest back to Coronado.

Back at the language school our tired brains where forced into lessons directly after arrival and I had physics on my schedule next. After physics we had 20 min until the next lesson started. We used the time to congratulate both Christian and Justus for their birthdays and the school had bought cake for our entire Oceancollege crew to enjoy.

With our sugar level back up we were now ready to start the next lesson, which in my case was a spanisch lesson. The classes in academia Tica are focused on actually speaking the language as this is one of the best ways to learn a language, rather than doing grammatical drills only.

I really like this because it is practical and makes you spontaneous. It is also helpful that we can use the newly learned words from the lessons in everyday talks with the host families at home.

This day, tiring as it was, was also exceptionally beautiful and the picture of the waterfall in the mountains will forever be burned into my memory.

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