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The countdown has started!

Date: 13.03.2019
Author: Marlen
Position: On our way to Bermuda

Nautical position: 31°28N; 66°26
Etmal: 9370 nm

In exactly one month we will arrive in France. On one hand we are really excited to come home, on the other hand it is sad, that the time of the journey has gone by so quickly.

During my breakfast, cereals and toast as always, Johannes asked me, if I remembered what happened thirtyone days ago. And I did, because that was my last daily report. On that day, our trip in Cuba started. It feels like these adventures are far away, but even further away is my last telephone call with my family.

The last time I could call my parents was in Costa Rica, more than one month ago. When we were in the Cape Verdes, we all thought the time during the atlantic crossing was long, but now our last trip ashore was 21 days ago. Because of that it is no surprise, that we are all excited to arrive in Bermuda. Hopefully, that will be in two days, but depending on the weather… (as always).

After my breakfast and all this scary and hopeful thoughts, we had school. With Miriam and Christin we did a discussion about overfishing and the need for regulations to avoid problems in the ecosystem of our oceans. That discussion was prepared during the last couple of lessons and it was really interesting. We had a lot of roles and different views on the problem. I think we all learned new things about fishing and in the future we will think about our consumption of fish.

After lunch and Happy Meeting a lot of people were confused, because of the finger-pointing-game. For me it is really funny, because I already understand it. There is a chilly breeze and because of that I went into my warm bed. Niklas woke me up for watch and I put on my oilskins. Now we can feel how the weather is in Germany even if it‘s still warmer here.

During Laurenzia (our daily sport program), Elly and me recognised, that it is March already. In our Pelican-Song, only April follows and then the song ends, like our journey. That‘s terrifying. But the watch was really nice and I liked it. Because of the program for the mentors, Peer is our new officer of the watch.

I was Watchleader and together we tried to figure out, how we could do more than five knots of speed. We played a bit with the sails, but it didn‘t really help. After dinner, our watch ended and Tabi, Lauryn, Peer and me sat down on the floor and watched the movie „Rubinrot“. It was really funny, but after the movie I went to bed immediately, because tomorrow is school again. Yeah…

Greetings to my family and friends. I’m excited to hear from you in Bermuda after one and a half months. See you soon!

P.S.: Ich wünsche der Blau Gelben Garde ganz viel Spaß auf den Süddeutschen Meisterschaften! Haut rein Mädels!

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