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The Curse of Dartmouth

24th October 2022
Authors: Ellen, Sophia
Position: Dartmouth, harbour
Nautical Position: 50°24’07 N 003°34’5 W
Etmal: 429,7 NM

Well… we are in Dartmouth. Still. Encore. Ancora. Todavía. Immer noch.

The curse of Dartmouth has befallen our ship! The ghost of an old soul has become restless and has decided to frustrate the voyage crew of the Pelican of London and keep them in Dartmouth, to live off their despair… this time it has caused a member of the professional crew to leave the ship, without whom it is unfortunately impossible to leave land.

Never lose hope

But the valiant Ocean College knights will not let this force them into the abyss! They keep their hopes up with good humor, playing games, especially Wizard and chess, reading and eating and watching movies in the evening. In addition, also simple things such as clean laundry at the end of laundry day, tidiness in the cabin, toilet paper with several layers when you’re using a bathroom on land and just listening to their favorite music always adds a bit of happiness to the day.

The Pelican Monkey – climbing the main mast to the top

In order to rid themselves of the curse of Dartmouth, the Pelican knights need new abilities to combat the power of the old spirit. Therefore, half of them climbed to the top of the main mast and out to the very end of the T’Gallant yard today.

Having done this and earning the Pelican Monkey achievement, they now have new powers and can better deal with the troubles of the Curse of Dartmouth. Furthermore, seeing a rainbow from the highest platform, the Royal platform, gave the brave knights another light on the horizon and more determination that the evil Dartmouth ghost will be conquered once the other half of them have the same certificate in two days’ time.

Hopeful greetings from Knight Ellen and Knight Sophia! May thou have fast steeds and courageous hearts!

P.S. Best guesses to what’s on the top of the main mast: chess piece, Bob the Builder, picture of Simon (1st mate)/Gonzo (2nd mate until Dartmouth)/Johan, figurine of a pelican/monkey, Davy Jones’ sock (for Pirates of the Caribbean fans), gummy bears.

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