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The day when the USA, Russia and China started working together

Date: 30th January 2019
Author: Kira M.
Position: Coffee Farm Don Elí, San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Hello family and friends,
If you’ve read some of my daily reports before, you already know that my reports aren’t that creative and this one is no exception. So, I guess you have to be happy with me simply telling you what happened today.

This morning Ronja and I got woken up by Miriam with the words: „little, green tent with mosquito net, wake up.“ That is actually a quite precise description of our tent. With only 120cm x 200cm our tent really is little, if not tiny. But after a few days Ronja and I got used to only having a 60cm wide space to sleep.

Breakfast was served at 7:00 am costarican time, meaning it was ready at 7:30am. After Breakfast we had free time until 11:30am. Pretty much all of us used this time to communicate with our friends and family back home. In order to do that we got our phones back for about 45 minutes and in groups of six we could go to Don Carlos’ house and use the wifi there.

Our coffee master Joachim also showed a few of us how to roast coffee beans the traditional way over an open fire. At 11:30 am we went to a waterfall, where we ate lunch in form of sandwiches and a few of us, the brave ones, even went swimming in the freezing cold water.

Don Carlos drove us to the waterfall, so all thirty of us plus the teachers and Joachim were squeezed in two trucks – most of us sitting on the rear loading area. I enjoyed this trip a lot and it wasn’t dangerous due to the fact that the cars in Costa Rica normally don’t drive faster than forty kilometres per hour.

We had to walk the way back and arrived about half an hour before the world trading game was supposed to start. The game was a lot of fun – two of us were working together as one country, except for a few of us, like Tati or Peer who embodied organisations like the WTO or Interpol, or like Justus, who didn’t have a partner and was embodying the Central African Republic all by himself. The goal of the game was to feed the population of the country you represented and to achieve some extra objectives, like status, military power or commodities.

The outcome of it was quite funny or scary, if you would imagine it as reality. There was an alliance between the USA, Russia and China, Honduras attacked Costa Rica, but with the support of some other countries Costa Rica won, and France got attacked and destroyed by pretty much half of the world. The World Bank was giving money to random countries and payed some countries to do certain things. The outcome of the world training game was of course unrealistic, but it was a lot of fun to play and we learned a lot about how our world works and the mechanisms behind different scenarios.

Right after the end of the game we had dinner (seriously, they serve everything here with rice, even spaghettis) which was followed by Tati’s presentation, where she explained some of the organisations from the game a bit further.

Also, we had a last meeting with everyone before we are heading back to the Pelican tomorrow. During this meeting Niki told us, with whom we would be rooming in the next two and a half months. He also told us a bit more about our future destinations.

Because we have to get up a bit earlier to pack tomorrow and because the nights in a tent weren’t that resting I went straight to bed after that. Some of the others where lighting up a campfire and sat around it for some time grilling marshmallows.

Sandra and Joachim, our coffee experts, had to leave us today after dinner to fly back to Germany. In case you two read this: Thank you for an incredible time at the coffee farm. It was a really interesting, funny and overall amazing time. As far as I heard you will see quite a lot of us again, when we visit you in Berlin.

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