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The Dinghy Challenge

Date: 13.02.2023
Author: Nikita
Position: Bocas del Torro
Geographical Position: N 09° 19.852 W 082° 14.231
Etmal: 6316.6nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Chilling in Bocas

Today the morning started very slow and easy. After breakfast we had our new daily Happy-Half-Hour so that the ship stays clean. We managed to do that very fast and then started school.


First up was individual class where most of the people continued learning for the math test we have in a few days. Most of us used the time very well to keep up with the work we got from our schools at home. After that it was German class. We had a very interesting lesson about the song “Amys Weinhaus” by the German rapper Marteria. We tried to understand the lyrics and what the Rapper wanted to say. It was interesting to analyze the text and get to the deeper meaning of it.

After lunch we had a lot of time to go swimming and jump from the side of the boat. More and more people now learned to master the backflip from the swing. It was great fun.

Dinghy Contest

In the evening we had a Dinghy-Contest. This was the start of a series of little challenges that will continue for the next days. At the end of the contest when all of the little challenges will be counted together there will be one Watch to celebrate their triumph. Today the challenge was to bring the Dinghy once around the whole ship without crashing into the vessel.

To make it even more difficult we were not allowed to use any kind of paddle. Every Person now had 30min of time to find one useful gadget, to move the Dinghy. The different Watches started to create plans and techniques to be the fastest. Most watches were looking for items, that could be used like paddles like for example fins. The first watch to try the challenge did the lap in a very solid time.

The second had more problems because the wind was picking up. A very different approach was used by the third Watch. They tried to use a Bedsheet as a Sail to gain speed. And the plan worked. They managed to beat the first watch by a minute. The 4th and 5th Watch both had good try’s as well but the award for the most chaotic and fun Dinghy goes to the 6th Watch.

Very creative methods like an air pump were used to bring the boat forward. But they didn’t manage to beat the time of the third watch. In total the challenge was a whole lot of fun and all of us are looking forward for the next challenge tomorrow.


Merit: Hey GUURRL, alles Gute zum Geburtstag Marie❤️🥳🧁

Brian: Grüße an alle zu Hause 🏠! Ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut zu Hause 🏡! Grüße an Pignola 🐈‍⬛! Hab euch lieb ❤️!

Soraya: Ich habe dich ganz dolle lieb Mom❤️

Nikita: Hallo an die Blochis zuhause und an Omas und Opas 😘

Jule: Hab‘ euch alle lieb.

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