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The disappearing

Date: 09.12.2021
Author: Daisy
Position: Caribbean sea
Geographical Position: 14°40‘8N, 067°42 ‘9W
Etmal: 199NM (in total: 6006NM)

The disappearing of things is here on board an every day problem.
Rarely somebody is suprised and who is still annoyed, has not seen so many things disappear.
But often it is the question: How can items, valuable things so easily disapear? We take now an example and want possible scenarios to go through.
I had morning school. I´m finished and take my folder down in to the cabin. Now I‘m helping with the sailhandling. Unnoticed, I lost my pencilcase in the Messroom. Now I´m coming back and remember my pencilcase, that has from now on disappeared.

Possibility one:
One of my cabinpartners saw my pencilcase and was so friedly to take and put it to my other schoolstuff in our cabin.

Possibility two:
I had taken my pencilcase by myself down into the cabin, but I forgot it and my stuff, as always.

Possibility three:
It could be that some of our lovely teachers or watchleaders were too friedly. They took all the stuff that was in the Messroom into the Lost and Found box. This option is often the most possible and most applicable one. With this possibility, I would get my beautyfull Pensilcase back, when I give one of the watchleaders or teachers my cake from Abbie (what I never will do) or piece of chocolate, cookie or biscuit. But what, if my case is not in the lost and found box? Where could it have disappeared to next possibilty…

Possibility four:
The Pelican is always rocking and swinging and it could be, that my pencilcase has fallen down on the floor into a cozy, crumbly, maybe and hopefully not stinky corner. There it is safe and nobody can see it.

Possibility five:
My case is magically magnetic for somebody. A person would spontaneously think that they could use my pencils or whatever is inside.

Possibility six:
We have a thief on board. He took the opportunity and stole all things out of the Messroom. But I don‘t think that this possibilty is actually possible or real.

Possibility seven:
The last possibility is most probable one after the lost and found box. We have a black hole on board. The black hole is randomly looking for a sacrifice (often the same forgetful persons) and focosses their things. And when nobody is looking for it, the black hole gobbles up all the stuff. This goes lightning fast. From black holes you often cannot find your things back or you have to wait a long time or they turn up in impossible places.
As far as possible they are sleeping in the laundry machine and eat our socks or underwears. Black holes are cheeky and not shy.

Now I have different possibilities and I can have a look where my pencilcase could be. And when I can´t find it, we know where it is.

Lovely greetings to my Mami, Flo, Niko, Paulchen, Nono and all the others. I miss nothing but a big hug and your christmas cookies. Big „Kufi“ to you.

P.S.: Greetings from Paula to Pavel, Antal, Elena, Julika and Thomas:)

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