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The Encyclopedia of the Pelican crew fish

Date: 03.04.2021
Author: Max-Eliot
Position: South of the Rostbeef Island coast
Nautical Position: 50° 02.4 N  003° 33.7 W
Total: 13´891 nm
This scientific work is the result of the long years (six months) of studies and observation of the brilliant and handsome zoologist Dr. Professor Newt-Eliot Scamanterst, made on the endemic and native aquatic creatures found on the Pelican of London shipwreck. It contains the description of the five main beings of the Pelican. You can find the drawings resulting from the observations he made at the end of the book. It is a book, made to allow the normal humans to understand these fantastic beasts. The author of this masterpiece hopes, you‘ll find it intersting and helpful.

The Chris-fish (Capitanus submarinus christus)

The Chris-fish is the leading fish of  the Pelican wreck. He comes out twice a day: from 08:00-12:00 and from 20:00-00:00. He may come out if he‘s been woken up by the Faffing-worm or the Burpsin-Cod, but stays most of the time in his cabin listening to celtic music. The Chris-fish can also be found at much deeper depths. His spherical bodystructure allows his body to endure a pressure found at 1500m depths! His spikes allow him to be nearly unharmed to any danger. The only danger to him is the Patrik-salmon, a Swedish fish who migrates to the Pelican during the summer. The Patrik-salmon is able with his powerful and long jaws to now and then pinch the Chris-fishs fins and hurt him very badly. Luckily for our dear capitanus, this attack isn‘t deadly. His favourite shanty is Paddy lay back.

The Faffing-worm (Vormius clownus simonimus)

The faffing-worms main activity is making fun of the other inhabitants of the Pelican wreck.  His observation was especially difficult, as he made lots of fun of the poor Dr. Scamanderst. He comes out of the Pelican many times during the day, never missing the, in his mind, obligatory smoko, but the best time to observe him is from 04:00-08:00 and from 16:00-20:00. Though his personality is mainly defined by his „humour“, he can also be very serious when it comes to the security of the Pelicans inhabitants. But this seriousness is most of the time very brief and replaced in less then a second by a big smile. Concerning diseases, he is often caught by a flap-cough: His cough sounds as if he would shout flap-jack. The cause of this illness is to this day still unknown. His main fuel consists of coffee. He is also very fond of the sweet whipped cream, a speciality of the Cook(ed)-fish.
His favourite shanty is Randy Dandy Oh.

The Burpsin-cod (Pisca burpia tamsininae )

The Burpsin-cod is a very peculiar fish. Most of the small fish are quick and silent so as to avoid predators. The Burpsin-cod on the other side isn‘t silent at all. It releases quite regularly big loud burps. It might be a result of the ridiculous amout of coffee, the Burpsin-cod has to drink, to wake up for his watch, but this theory waits for further data to be proven.
Out of the officers, the Burpsin-cod is the one which comes out the least: from 00:00-04:00, from 10:30-11:00 and from 12:30-16:00. Neverless, when it comes out and had his 35 liters of coffee, it becomes one of the most jolly fishs of the Pelican. His favourite shanty is the Rolling ship.

The John-anchovy (Piscus cigarettus johnnus)

This fish, originally from northern Ireland, has settled in the Pelican only a couple of months ago but has already become a vital part of the wreck. He is mainly dayactive and spends most of it‘s time either in the bathrooms, constantly repairing the Pelicans heads (always accusing the poor Dr. of blocking them) or outside smoking. He used to be accompanied by a Cadet-fish, called gadget and mainly used for unblocking the toilets. But it seems that the gadgets migrated to bigger wrecks, unblocking bigger toilets. His favourite shanty is Friggin in the Riggin.

The Cook(ed)-fish (Whippa cremae Abbientis)

This is probably the most important fish of the Pelican wreck for it provides the food for all the inhabitants. It is a dayactive fish that rarely comes out, only for smoking with the Faffing-worm. It spends most of its time in the ships kitchen called Galley. It‘s natural shy behaviour and main activity made it especially difficult to observe and study. Neverless with patience, the Cook(ed)-fish opens up and becomes a very friendly and lovely fellow.
Her favourite shanty is Silence in the green mile.

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