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The Final Countdown to Cuba

Date: 13.02.2019
Author: Poldi
Position: Bahia de Cienfuegos (Cuba)
Geographical Position: 22°07.7 N/80°27.4
Etmal: (total) 7774 nm

We’re heading to Cuba
But still it’s a far way
Next step is Bermuda
But only Ben can tell
I guess it’ll be awesome
And the time of our lives, of our lives
Will things ever be the same again?

It’s the Final Countdown

We’ll be exploring this island
Form north into south 
We’re biking over the land 
And the hills will challenge ourselves 
And with Havanna to explore, to explore 
There are a lot of cars which you don’t see in Europe no more

It’s the Final Countdown

We’ve cleaned our tall ship 
And got all the stamps
We’ll be leaving with our RIB
To the shore, to cycle and camp
We’re looking forward to this journey, this journey
But tomorrow we have to get up way too early!

It’s the Final Countdown

What stories we’ll tell when we’re back?

It’s the Final Countdown

Hier noch ein Gruß von Tabea:
Hallo Oma, 
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. Ich hoffe du genießt deinen Tag und freue mich schon mit dir zu feiern, wenn ich wieder da bin.

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