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The first day of the way back

Date: 29th January 2023
Author: Lea
Position: Bocas del Toro
Nautical Position: 09°19‘9N, 082°13‘9W
Etmal: 7556 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Beloved Packing again…

Our day started and was mostly spent with packing… this time it was unpacking but I think it was as horrible as normal packing for the most of us. Some of you are maybe wondering why packing is such a horror (some maybe not because they also don’t like packing) but it is really tough to pack with five other people in a really small space. Additionally, the heat in our cabins, all the bags lying in the way and the fact that we have nearly everything from skiingunderwear to bathing things, is making packing on the Pelican really stressful. But… the good news are that nearly all of us are done, many bags are in the bilge again, we already hung up our photos and tried to make our new bunk a small home to us. 

And of course, also training starts again

Not only did we have to unpack our stuff, we also had many trainings and briefings again. They were mostly the same as we had them at the beginning of our voyage so it was just a repetition. We signed on again with our new Captain Ben and Medic Emma, then we had our new harness fitting with the bosun team. After Lunch we had a safety walk around with our First Mate, where we talked again about the fire plan, fire extinguishers and all this stuff and a Seamanship class with our bosuns, where we repeated some knots, commands and safety operations to handle ropes. Then there was dinner and after that we had a small briefing from Ali, our First Mate, about emergency situations. Next, we had a practice emergency drill. But then, when we put our life jackets off again, we finally had free time for the rest of the day.

Chaos an Bord
Reisegruppe Sonnenschein ist wieder zurück an Bord

Interview with our favourite Bosuns Maid Janice

How was the time without us?

„The time was very quiet and we did a lot of maintenance on the ship. One day we also went to Shelter Bay because here in Bocas we weren’t able to get diesel and other stores. But the only thing I saw of shelter bay was that the marina has a pool which is very cool.“

Did you talk to the Regina Maris Students?

„No, we just anchored besides them and then made them fast the next day and towed them behind us to Bocas.“
Was it the first time that you towed another ship?

„I already towed a little yacht while I was in a rib but towing a tall ship was the first time for me and it was really exciting.“

Maritimer Abschleppdienst

: Ich grüße meine Familie und meinen kleinen Bruder Tom.
Klara: Ich grüße meine Familie, die immer fleißig die Tagesberichte liest und die ich sehr lieb habe.
Lea: Ich grüße Mama und Papa, ich hab‘ euch lieb. Außerdem noch Opa und Moni, für Moni: Wir haben den Tag heute hauptsächlich mit Packen (sehr ätzend)  und Sicherheitstrainings verbracht. See you soon!

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