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The first month

Date: 31.01.2023
Author: Klara
Position: Caribbean Sea
Nautical Position: 11°03.9’N 081°18’SW
Etmal: 7684 NMShip: Pelican of London

Flying Time

This is my first daily report in 2023. It’s been a month now since new year. It seems to have been yesterday when the countdown started and 2023 began. It’s crazy how fast times flies like (a plane from Cuba to Hamburg Airport). All the new Year’s resolutions which were made by my shipmates and me are hopefully fulfilled, I really do wonder if anyone from the trainees has hold onto them.

Dear Diary…

My day started at 03:30, I’ve got woken up twice by Leander for my 4-8 watch because I came up with the great idea to just close my eyes for five minutes, ha ha. I really was excited about how the new watch constellation will work out. During our watch Manuel had like five min in which he didn’t throw up, but Manuel impressed me because he didn’t take the opportunity to take extra pauses. But not only Manuel felt sick, but everybody except Nicolai also felt the movement of the ship in their stomachs. As soon as the sun started to rise the motivation immediately got higher and the time didn’t feel like gum anymore. At 07:50 am the relieving watch came and I finally was able to have a quick breakfast and go to bed again. Unluckily, the sleep isn’t that enjoyable because of Ali’ s cabin rounds.


Ali, our 1. Mate, is having a look at each cabin, the bathroom and bunk, the scores on the doors (1 horrible – 10 excellent) rise with the tidiness of the cabin. Because it’s our laundry day, dirty clothes were lying around on the floor which resulted in only 3 points out of 10… whoopsy daisy…


Because I’m having a night watch, school starts after lunch in the afternoon. First, we had history with Teacher Simon also known as the Propaganda-Minister and German with Frau Britta. It was horrible, not because of the lessons but because of the seasickness and the heat in the mess-classroom. We were not used to dinner right after school, but Pelican is making it happen. Right after the dessert I took a book, which I need for my book presentation. This was basically my day, take care.

Nicolai: Liebe Grüße an alle, die mich vermissen. Ich vermisse euch auch!

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