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The Isle of Man

Date: 02.08.2022
Authors: Elena, Petra
Position: 54°19°.789`N 004°20°.916´W
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Grüne Und Braune Bergklippen In Der Nähe Des Ozeans (cc)

First Attempt to visit the Isle of Man

This morning I (Elena) woke up and I had watch from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. After the watch we woke up everyone else for breakfast. Then Axel and Simon told us the plan for today. We planned to go ashore to the Isle of Man. The first group went on the dinghy and set off to shore but came back because the tide was too low so they couldn´t go on land. While waiting for the tide to get higher, we listened to the first presentation of the trip: The Isle of Man, by Max and Karl. This was actually the best timing for the presentation we could have gotten, so in the end we were almost happy about the delay.

Our Captain shows the map of the Isle of Man

On the shore

We waited for about an hour until the first boat tried to go ashore again and this time they were successful, so the other groups could go ashore as well. The groups on land were at the beginning mostly just smaller groups of the watches but after some time the groups mixed. My group (Elena) went to the beach and a few of the boys went swimming, while the rest of us just ate our sandwiches and threw stones into the ocean. After a while the boys in the water got cold, so we decided to go to a lake nearby and just walked around and took a couple of photos of the view.

Exploring the town

Later we walked back into town and got something to eat, I shared some french-fries with Freya. After that we walked a bit more around the town and started a charity event for Jesper, so he could have a third pair of socks. While waiting for the dinghy to bring us back to the ship we ate some chips.

Back on board

When everybody arrived back at the ship, we had some time to kill until dinner. For dinner we had mashed potatoes with chicken legs and peas. For the vegetarians there was pumpkin and zucchini. After dinner we did a bracing competition. Mizzen watch got first place with 7.41 minutes. Second place was Main watch and third place Fore watch. After the race everybody did something else for example reading, going to bed, talking, or just eating cake. In general, it was an incredibly beautiful day with lots of action.

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