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The last crossing

Date: 24.03.2023
Author: Anton
Position: Outside of Horta Harbour
Nautical Position: 39°54.5’N 027°08.7‘W
Etmal: 12309 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

It happened. We have left the “Harbour of Horta” and are now looking forward to getting to Dartmouth… hopefully. Today we had our last shore leave on the Azores from 09:30-16:00. It ended with a joint snack in “Peters Café Sport”. They baked brownies for us, so we could eat them with a juice of our choice. In addition to the brownies with chocolate sauce and the drink, were there “Pastel de Nata” as well. After that, we took a picture with ourselves+ the service personal who waited us.

Now are we starting our last crossing of the voyage. It is kind of strange because we passed the Atlantic two times and always aiming for a next stop with shore leave. But from now onwards, we aren’t stopping somewhere else anymore (unless we do the passage on time to anchor in Dartmouth for a day). The last two weeks breached and it feels like the time flies. I still remember, how I thought in the beginning of the voyage, how are the circumstances and what happened in this outing if we are going to cross the sea a last time with the “Pelican of London” and the crew. Nevertheless, would I like to share with you some observations about the feelings of my shipmates. I’ll do it, in form of an interview:

Lea: I didn’t have the time to think about it yet because I was busy but as soon as you’re starting to think about it, it is a very strange feeling and many different thoughts and feelings are coming up. On one side, you are looking forward to coming home but you are sad to leave the ship and the sea.

Thea: I haven’t realized it yet.

Kaija: Six months are a long time. This was one of my first thoughts I had. But now are we standing in front of the last two weeks of Ocean College and I’m conflicting with myself. On the one hand, am I excited to see my friends and to get back to my home, but on the other hand I will enjoy the last days together with friends here and miss the daily routine.

Manuel: I have the feeling of a happy and sad face at the same time. The last six months were just incredible. We learned and saw so many new things. We had the chance to explore the wide world (most of the times). Now we are at a point were home comes closer and closer and I’m really looking forward to meeting my family and friends again. But I still want to enjoy the rest of our voyage. I think a good way to accomplish that is to live in the moment and breath the sprit of Pelican.

The Handovers

Welcome to the handovers onboard of the “Pelican of London”. From now on until we arrive, the voyage crew is divided into four Watches. They are called like our square sails on the main mast. Course, Topsail, T’Gallant and Royal (although this one is still missing as a sail). That is our opportunity to work as a professional crew member and to be welcomed into their lives. Here is a list with all jobs and who is taking over them:

Captain: Lea
1.Mate: Theo
2.Mate: Manuel
Engineer: Matti
Bosuns: Anton, Peer, Anna
Cook: Sophie
Medic: Elizabeth

Captain: Carolina
1. Mate: Leander
2. Mate: Kaya
Engineers: Ellen, Paul
Bosuns: Leni, Lennox
Cook: Benjamin
Medic: Franziska M.

Captain: Kaija
1. Mate: Simon
2. Mate: Marie
Engineer: Sophia, Saba
Bosun: Thea, Phillip
Cook: Fynn
Medic: Nate

Captain: Annbritt
1. Mate: Constantin
2. Mate: Carlina
Engineer: Nicolai
Bosuns: Lara, Hanna
Cook: Franziska S.
Medic: Klara

What do we have to do?

Captain: 0800-1200 watches, look at the weather, after the ship and everything.

1.Mate: Cabin rounds, watch plans, Safety Officer, 0400-0800 watch, meeting leader, planning the maintenance work with bosun, office work.

2.Mate: Route planning, chart correction, safety checks/maintenance checks and 0000-0400 Watch.

Engineer– In duty for the engine and for the whole electronic on the ship.

Bosuns: Maintenance, work aloft and be aware that nothing gets broken/repair everything that gets broken.

Cook: Cook for the entire crew, so no one must starve.

Medic: Make sure that no one’s dies or gets seriously injuries.


Anton: Liebe Grüße an alle. Ich freue mich schon, euch alle wiederzusehen.

Fynn: Lieber Tomtom ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zu Deinem 12. Geburtstag ich hoffe, Du hast schöne Geschenke bekommen und dass ihr Spaß im Legoland habt. Ich freue mich, euch in 14 Tagen in Amsterdam wiederzusehen.

Paul: Ich grüße alle, damit ich niemanden nicht gegrüßt habe.

Annbritt: Grüße an meine Familie.

Matti: Viele liebe Grüße an Columbus.

Ellen: Ich Grüße meine Garnelen, hab euch lieb und ich hoffe euch geht es gut.

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