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The last day of school

Date: 12.03.2021
Author: Kilian
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Wie ist der Unterricht auf dem Schiff? – Beitrag von der Reise 18/19

Today was the last day of school.  We are all happy that we finished school  at Ocean College now.

We started school in Tenerife. Since then we had school every day when we were at sea for four hours except Sundays. Sundays was our day off.

School here was a lot different then to the school at home.  At home the classroom is not permanently moving and you don’t slide through the classroom. 

school lesson at sailing ship

Sometimes your books are sliding through the mess room here. We also had to pay attention that our cups with tea were not falling over our books. At home in class you also don’t get seasick and the lessons don’t get interrupted by the Bosun because you have to hand sails.

Most time the weather was bad when we had to hand sails quickly. So, we had to hand the sails in the rain and after handing the sails we had to first put on new dry cloths before we went back to school. 

But school was also good and there was always something to laugh. That is also because we have a different relationship with our teachers.

We learned a lot in school. For example in Physics when we learned about perches we could do lots of cool experiments. It was also cool that the lessons had something to do with where we were.

In history when we sailed in the Caribbean Ocean we learned about pirates in the Caribbean or in biology we dissected flying fish which flew on the deck at night.

Dissecting Fish

My favorite subjects were biology and history.

It is a big difference from home. Here you have to go from your bed to the classroom about 10 meters and 10 steps that saves you time in the morning so you can sleep longer.

And sleep is very important here on board. It is also a bit sad, because we know that the voyage is over soon. After the Azores we have got eight hours of watch again and the handovers.

students at watch

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