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The last day

Date: 16.01.2023
Author: Anita
Position: Bocas del Toro
Noutic Position: N 9 19.7 W 82 13.862
Etmal: 6310
Ship: Regina Maris

Today should be our last day on the Reggie for almost a month, but because we had an Getriebeschaden, we were on anker the last Hours. But now we are finally on our last hours away from Costa Rica. We were actually happy that we had a bit more time to pack our stuff and that we didn’t have to leave the Reggie Today. In the morning it was not shure, if it would work that the Pelican pulls us, and we should be prepared, in case that we should go on the Pelican, so that we are faster in Costa Rica.

Tonight we will arrive and leave the ship tomorrow. Steering while we are getting pulled is really funny, because you don’t have an course and you just have to stay on the right side of the Ship who is pulling you. So you see today we spend a lot of time with packing stuff and prepare ourselves to leave the Reggie for almost a month. Also Justus had Birthday today and he is turning 20 years old.

Sail Packing

Because we will leave the Reggie soon, we packed our Sails today really clean and put a weather protection over every sail we have. The Mizzen Sail was packed before Lunch, but on the Mainsail and the Schooner, I helped after Lunch. It was hard to find where every rope or hole had to go, but after the first Sail, we were into it and we could do the other Sail really quick. A few other trainees packed our Jibs, what means they put the protection over the four sails in the front of the Ship.

Galley Duty extreme version

Soraya,Marvin and Juno made us a really delicious Lasagne for Lunch and Pasta for Dinner. There were a few things that happened during the washing up the dishes. By time there were some flying pots and everything else what was laying there just flew around. One Plastic Plate went to the floor and broke in two. The whole time the galley duty had to fight against the waves. One hand for holding on to not slip around and one hand for the washing up. One time Soraya slided through the whole Galley and Juno came to help her but crashed into the toilet door. Both layed without any hurts on the flor. On top Juno and Marvin learned a bit of schwäbisch because Soraya always cursed on schwäbisch if something went wrong. But it was worth it.

Anita: An meine Familie und Freunde, ich vermisse euch alle und freue mich, euch in drei Monaten wieder zu sehen.

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