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The murder game 2.0

Author: Linus
Date: 11th March 2020
Geographical Postition: Atlantic crossing day 6
Nautical Position: 34°38.9N/ 051°11.2W
Etmal: 135 nm

It has happened again! The second Atlantic crossing has started and again people are so bored they have started killing each other. But this time we are prepared. We have brought a detective to the Pelican who gives us a daily report that shows us how coldblooded some people on the sailing vessel really are.

The beginning of the end

Today it all started. The first half of the day was really peaceful. Nobody thought about killing someone. But then, at about 16:20, the duty watch got called to hand (take down) all the square sails. Their watch-leader, that was me, asked to run the operation to get a signature in his training book. Then, when he gave the command to hand the T´Gallant, Simon J. passed him and dropped a marker on the floor. Linus didn´t realize it, took a step back and stepped on the marker. He fell and hit the engine of the rib behind him. He was dead right away, because he broke his neck.

Later, someone saw Marlene K.´s dead body in the water. Nobody knows who killed her, but I have an informant who told me how he saw a suspicious person with Marlene just a short time before she was seen dead. Later I found out, that it was Carl. It looks like he does that trick where he asks you: “Can you hold this for a second?”.

Because she was holding the book, Marlene didn´t see the Inner Jib sheet (a big rope) that hit her head, and she was thrown overboard.

So, this was the unbelievable story of the first day.
To the people on the Pelican we would like to say:
Try tro stay alive and be careful who to trust.

42 little sailors, sailed under the sun,
one sailor slipped and broke his neck
and then they where 41

41 little sailors, one of them was naughty,
she got hit by a sheet
and then they where 40

P.S. You will get back everything twice Simon (a ghost)

P.P.S. Wem sagt das Gedicht etwas? 😉 (Linus)

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