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The perfect start in the day

Date: 01.03.2023
Autor: Marietta 
Position: On the way to Cuba 
Nautical Position: N19*30.337 W83*37053
Etmal: 7.047 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Today i woke up to a beautiful sunrise. I wanted to start my day by climbing up the mast and watch the sunrise. When I came out of the Messroom at 06:00, I first helped to do some sailhandling- also amazing, because I missed sailhandling a lot in the time of Costa Rica and haven’t done it since then. After the squaresail and our bikinisails were set, I climbed up the mast together with Lina and enjoyed the start In the day. 

History class with brother Jacob 

On todays schedule we usually had history and individual class, but we only had history with Jacob, because we did some presentations. Todays topic of the lesson was Cuba, because as you may know- we are heading to Cuba. It was very interesting and made me even more curious about exploring a new and very different place. We learned about the Cuba crisis, cubas politics and geographie. 

After school it was time for me to go on watch. The weather was amazing, blue sky and very warm. The watch was really fun, we listened to music, learned new things from officer Jake and had good food. Today we were finally able to sail without engine and that was really cool. 

Climbing lesson with our Dr. J

After my watch I went climbing again, yippie. Our medic aka Dr. J wanted to climb up the mast so I showed him. After I explained a few rules to him we went up. Up there, we just talked about life and enjoyed the breathtaking view over the ocean. Then, it was time for me to go down for me because of our daily Ocean College meeting. The teacher decided to prank us and said we have to write the Mathe exam again- I didn’t believe… I just laughed with Larry in the background and was amused about the shocked faces:) After the Ocean College „crack kids meeting“ we had dinner and in the evening I was laying on the Poopdeck watching the stars – a great ending of the day. 

Quote of the day 

Anonymous American: Yallah habibi gönn Fleisch aschlock 

Jakob (Officer): An meine Mutti, lass Dich nicht ärgern! An meine Laura, ich liebe Dich!

Marietta: Tonne, ich hoffe du bist wieder komplett fit. Drück‘ Lana von mir!

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