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The Third Day in Portugal

Date: 12.11.2022
Author: Annbritt
Position: Lisbon Harbour
Nautical Position: 38`42,1`N 009`09,6`W
Etmal: 1632 NM

student of Pelican of London

Today was our third day in Lisbon. After the clean ship, we talked about our plans for the four-day expedition in Costa Rica. At first, we talked about how to plan the Costa Rica expedition together and tried to find groups of 6-7 people. Following that, we had shore-leave in our groups. In the evening we watched the movie „Kon Tiki“ and ate pizza in the messroom.

Interview about Lisbon

How do you like Lisbon?

Lea: It was really nice, and I think so far my favorite stop on our route. I’m pretty sure that I’ll visit Lisbon again, that would be great.

Simon J: I like Lisbon very much. However, I am happy, that we came to Lisbon off-season. I can only imagine what it looks like during main season. Lisbon is a very busy city, and many streets are quite narrow. So, it can be tricky to move around.

Lara: Lisbon was very nice. I really like the houses because they have beautiful colors and walls. For me, Lisbon is an incredible city with a lot of pretty people.

Franzi S: I really like Lisbon, because it is a very pretty city with nice buildings, restaurants, and shops.

Nate: For me Lisbon was an amazing adventure. We could visit so many different things like restaurants, the trams and beaches.

What did you do in Lisbon so far?

Lea: The first day we did a little bit of sightseeing and ate very good original Pasties de Nata. During the rest of the shore-leave we walked around without a plan and discovered really pretty places.

Simon J: I checked out the many cathedrals and enjoyed the view over the harbor. I can also recommend the delicious food in the local restaurants.

Lara: I walked through the city and I ate a lot. I bought some gifts for my family and myself.

Franzi S: I went to the city center and strolled around. I have also been to a castle on a hill from where you have a view of the whole city.

Nate: I visited the city center by tram, saw the house of parliament, went shopping in a mall and saw lots of beautiful nature.  

What was your favorite meal here?

Lea: I think the Pasteis de Nata and the dinner from yesterday, where we ate in a very fancy restaurant in which we also met the teachers.

Ellen: Quebeek (this is what Ellen calls the Pasteis de Nata).

Simon J: Delicious Pizza, of course the many sweets I get from the students.

Lara: My favorite meal was the croissant and the cappuccino milkshake.

Nate: I had a great Portuguese coffee and ate a croissant with cheese.

What was your favorite activity?

Ellen: Eating and shopping in Lisbon.

Simon: Probably our trip to Castella and our time at the beach where we did the mapping of microplastics.

Franzi S: Eating fresh food and swimming in the sea.

Nate: Going swimming in the ocean and spending lots of time with friends.

Do you have a funny story about our stay in Lisbon?

Ellen: Watching how Lea was shot with pigeon shit and seeing a man dressed up as a Roman in leather underpants.

Simon J.: No unfortunately not. Teachers seem to have a very, very sad life.

Kaya: In the evening, while we were waiting for our train to arrive, a man asked us for „light“. I was sure I could help him and offered him my phone flashlight. It turned out that he asked for a lighter for his cigarette. I think we were both a bit embarrassed.


Lea: I am greeting my parents, friends and Opa & Moni.

Lara: Ich grüße meine Eltern, meine Geschwister und Großeltern.

Franzi S: Ich grüße Aline, Jasmin, Mama, Papa, Max, Moni, Dote, Oma und alle anderen, die das lesen. 😊

Nate: Viele Grüße auch an die Füße gehen an meine Tante, meine Nachbarn Luise, Paul, Julia und an meine Eltern. 😊

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