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The Trainee-Handover- Interviews with the “Crew”

Author: Johanna
Date: 15.12.2019
Position: between Bequia and St. Lucia
Geographical Position: 13°25.6 N 061° 13.1 W
Etmal: 27 nm

So, Amelie you are the second officer for the day, what are your main Jobs?

My main Job was to plan the route from Bequia to Vieux Fort and create the passage plan.

Why did you want to be the Simon for the day?

Because I think navigation is very interesting and I like the watch.

Is it a nice position?

Yes, because you can navigate and plan the route for the day.

Do you have to do a watch?

Yes, the second officer has to do the watch from 12:30- 16:00 and the watch from 00:00- 04:00. But I only had to do the watch from 12:30- 16:00 because we started the passage at 06:00.

Which passage did you plan?

I planned the passage from Bequia to St. Lucia.

Max, you were captain for the second handover, what were your main jobs?

My main jobs were to coordinate the Crew at maneuvers as well as planning the future voyages and drink tea.

Why did you want to be the captain for one day?

Because I have been captain on smaller yachts and I wanted to learn more about being captain.

Is it fun to be captain?

Yes it is fun because you can make people do what whatever you want them to, like bring you tea and you got power.

Do you have a watch?

Yes, I have to be on the 08:00-12:00 watch and you have to be on the bridge for most of the sailing maneuvers and if there’s a problem.

What are you doing while you are on watch?

You have to give orders to the Helmsman, keep an eye on all the vessels around, do the deck logbook, plot the position on the charts and you have to drink tea.

Hannah, you were Bosun at the handover, what were your main jobs?

My main jobs were commanding people when there was a sailing operation, I also had to clear and secure the anchor, I had to put the sails in their gear, I had to repair most of everything there is on a ship and I was the responsible person when sail stowing.

Why did you want to be the Bosun for the day?

Because you are on deck and in the sun the whole day, you are doing practical things and you get to know everything about the ship and how to sail plus you get to work aloft.

Is it fun to be Bosun?

Yes it is, I really liked it and I would like to do it for a longer period of time.

Do you have a watch?

No, I´m a dayworker. On this day I worked from 5am to 6pm, but because it was Sunday I had a break from 1pm to 3pm.

Phil, you were engineer for the second handover what were your main jobs?

My main jobs were starting the first generator and then switching to the second one, we also checked some of the liquids from the engine and started the water makers and heaving the anchor around the bridge.

Why did you want to be the engineer for the day?

Because marine engineer is one of the things I could imagine being in the future.

Is it fun being the engineer?

Yes, if you are interested in engines and all kinds of mechanical stuff it is a great job and but you have to like being in the engine room (it’s very hot and noisy).

Did you have a watch?

No, I am also a day worker.

PS.: Greetings to my family, Wiebke Lewins and Merry Christmas <3
PPS: current days no toilet blockage: 9

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