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Things I will miss when I’m back home

Author: Ruben
Date: 31th March 2020
Position: 47°40.5 N/ 10°57.9 W
Geographical Position: Bay of Biscay
Etmal: 45 nm

New destinations

The thing I’ll miss most is always going somewhere new. Never seeing a place twice, always having an adventure ahead. When I think about my life at home I rarely see something new, mostly I go through my life with the same boring themes and places – from home to school from school to sport from there back home – on our journey the next destination was always somewhere new, somewhere I had never been before with a new culture to explore.

Route – Zeichnung von Jacqueline


Even though watch can be terribly annoying and boring, most of the time it’s loads of fun to faff around with the others or talk for hours on end, and normally the four hours fly by like nothing.

Living with 30 teens

Living with fourty other people in such a constrained space like the Pelican can lead to loads of conflicts, and sometimes it really does; but also to the greatest of friendships and best of moments. If it’s sitting around playing Schafkopf in the mess or hauling ropes at 03:00 in the morning, you’re always happy for company.

Climbing Aloft

I will really miss going up the mast either in the best of weather to relax a little, just chilling on a platform listening to some music, watching the sun slowly get closer to the horizon or being up aloft looking down on the Peli – seeming so small all of a sudden- and thinking about the world. But I’ll also miss going up in the worst conditions to stow one of the squares, with the wind whisteling and the yards shaking. In whatever way, I will definetely miss climbing.

Galley Duty

I love Galley Duty, some people think it’s quite tyring and hot – I don’t. I love making food for everybody from Spaghetti Bolognese to CousCous and if at the end there is extra galley desert, even better. But it’s not just the cooking, it’s the atmosphere – with Abby, our lovely cook and some awesome music playing (German Rap at best) even annoying deeds like washing up for 43 people becomes fun.

These are the things Im guessing I’ll miss most about the Pelican, although I’ll probably miss about every single thing and person from this ship when I’m back home. But hey, what can you do about it?

It was a lovely time but everything has to end at some point even if you don’t want it to and the end of this voyage is sadly coming ever closer. This is my last daily report so I just wanted to say thanks to all you readers out there following us, getting on the OC page every day, checking if a new blog is there- even though annoying- I’ll bet you’ll miss that too.

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