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Tilted Pelican Day

Date: 14. October 2021
Authors: Bennett, Ann
Position: Biscay
Geographical Position: 44°26.1‘N, 009°31.8‘W
Etmal: 92NM (total: 1186NM)

A rough start

Today I was woken up at 00.00 for my watch. The boat was totally tilted to the side, so I kept on hitting my head on the wall from sliding to the bottom of the top of the bunk. After changing into very warm clothes (our Musto oil skins are perfect for that: they keep us dry and warm!) I went up for my watch. My job for the first half hour was on the helm. During the first 5 min I felt slightly sea sick. I told my watch leader and she quickly found a substitute that could take over the helm for me. Directly after that I sprinted to the side of the deck and puked. After that I had one more lookout and for the rest of the four hours I just slept on the buoys – sea sickness does sometimes make you tired as well.

Later that day I got to sleep till 11:00. I then had lunch and went to my next watch.

Going aloft and learning Spanish

During my lookout half of my watch was allowed to climb up the mast. I had a very fun time watching them climb up while I had my lookout. The ship was still quite tilted, so they all had to go up on the portside because it was safer.
In the late afternoon we had an optional spanish lesson to practice the basics for our arrival in Vigo. We learned some new vocabulary and basic sentences like how to to order food. Kristina told us we should pay attention, because she might give us some tasks during our shore leaves in Vigo that require some Spanish vocabulary.

Later, the weather luckily started to get better and the boat began to sway less. This was great because this meant I could I eat more without having to worry about seasickness.
As for usual, after dinner I went to bed early, and a typical, even though slightly underaverage sail day ended for me.

Aside from that, it was a normal day on the pelican which wasn’t very spectacular:)

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