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Time, fiends, stars and Raffaello

Date: 27.12.2022
Author: Klara
Positon: Mayreau
Nautical Position: 12° 48, 8’ N, 061° 21,9’ W
Etmal: 5731 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Dear Family, Friends and people,

today it’s the 27th of December which means we’ve been spending time together on the „Pelican of London“ for two and a half months now. Time feels differently here, maybe because we’re living in the moment and don’t waste too many thoughts about our problems at home. On the one hand it feels like we’re spending our whole lives here but on the other hand it feels like two weeks. It’s crazy because Brixham or Darthmouth seem to have happened on a different voyage.

Cliche, but nevermind

When I think about what we all have already experienced, we can be proud of ourselves, because often it’s really difficult – mentally and physically. It might sound cliche but together with my friends I easily forget about how challenging it might be or will get.

However, since the new cook arrived the food and the discipline have changed in a positive way. Thanks to Robert!

One thing many people enjoy is laying down on deck at night and just talk and look at the stars. It’s fun and we’re getting to know each other even more. Even if I’m not getting homesick easily, I’m often thinking about my parents and my lovely little brother, Benet.

I must say, I really missed Christmas together with you guys, but I had a lot of fun here even if I was on watch during our Christmas dinner and I had to clean during it, but someone has to do it, right?

For the last couple days, we’ve been doing Island hopping in the Caribbean.

Almost like in the Raffaelo Advertisement…

White beaches, palm trees, coconuts and crystal-clear water in which we did some snorkeling right above the corals and watched lots of different fish and even lobsters. Like my father always tells me: „You will never stop learning…” and of course I didn’t!

While snorkeling it’s important to not touch anything which, of course, I didn’t, but the urge was definitely there! But after we noticed a stonefish, which is one of the poisonous fish alive, we were even more careful.

In my point of view, sand is really annoying when it’s not at the beach, bad for me because it’s now everywhere, very nice.

Okay, this it it for for now, take care!


Thea: Ich grüße Ama. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich freue mich, Dich im April wieder zu sehen!

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