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Lizzy rollt den Schlauch an Deck

Title: A day in the life of a bosun

Date: 23rd March 2019
Author: Lizzy
Position: On the Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 31°38.1´N 51°12.9´W
Etmal: 10325 nautical Miles

What happened yesterday?

This is the question we keep on asking ourselves on a regular basis. So many things happen in just one day that you can hardly remember when exactly or in which order they have happened.

Especially when you sit down to write your diary or a daily report, you wonder: What happened yesterday?

So here is a short summary of the most important things that I remember:

  1. In my recent position as bosun, I was three times on the main mast to fix a rat board to the course platform and do a rig-check on the topsail and the course.
  2. Also in my position, I needed to take many tea breaks to keep my tea level. According to my mentor Pete, a good bosun should drink one cup of black tea with some milk every half an hour. He always uses two tea bags, because he likes his tea strong, as I learned today. And the best serving of tea is to drink it in a cup that has not been cleaned for at least a century.
  3. And that leads us directly to the next event that took place yesterday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Nele celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday. As present from our lovely bosun, she got the permission to clean his cup all the day every time she wants to. It was probably the cup’s first deep clean during the journey.
  4. The boat races started again! After the happy meeting every person met on the weather deck – except for Miriam who took over the helm, so she didn’t have to represent the permanent crew in the boat races. When the race started, we soon found out that the ropes on the twizzle sticks were accidentally cut off. Well, the rope from the permanent crew wasn’t – no surprise they won the race. At least, they failed in decorating the ship properly. The decoration topic this time was ‘Rig of the Pelican’ and first place went to blue watch.
  5. We had a record of 10.3 knots speed over ground yesterday.
  6. The evening ended with another shanty singing night and the Disney movie ‘Moana’.

Although the sea is not too rough at the moment and no one is seasick, I’d like to present you a comic. I had the idea to draw it after our first bad puking days in the Bay of Biscay. This is what it would look like if they had shot “Titanic” on a square-rigger.  

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