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Crrent days without toilet blockage: 3

Toilet challenge

Date: 13 October 2019
Author: Jacqueline
Position: Bordeaux, Port
Geographical position: 44°55.382 N, 0° 34.08 W
Etmal: 0 ( total distance NM)

Today is the last day in Bordeaux and the third happy day of our „toilet-not-plugged-challenge“.

For your understanding, here is a short explanation of our toilets.

Have a quick look at your fist -see how small this is and imagine that to be the diameter of the toilet drains. This is why you are only allowed to use three sheets of toilet paper to flush everything that went through your stomach.

In case of a plugged toilet

In case (a really realistic case) that a big junk of toilet paper gets stuck, our lovely engineer is in charge of the function of the lavatory. So he will solve the problem no matter how disgusting it will be to grab the junk that got stuck in there and pull it out. Plus the person that plugged the toilet is in the lovely position to give him two helping hands.

Flushing toilets

To save the engineer from this “amazing” task, he challenged us: how long would he be a happy, clean engineer and for how long we would have a flushing toilet. Wish us good luck and we will definitely keep you updated.

However, everybody is really excited and is looking forward to leave Bordeaux and start the journey.

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