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Tour on Sao Vicent

Date: 03.12.2022
Author: Maliqa
Position: St. Vicente, Cape Verdes
Geographische Position: N 1653.007 W 2459.927
Etmal: 2499

Mount Verde

After a stressful morning we left the boat at 08:45 to start the bustour around the island. First we pull up the Mount Verde. We took a few stops to watch the landscape and some cute goats. On the top of the mountain was a platform in which we took some photos and afterwards we had a little tea time. My personal highlight of the tour was a beach we came through. Adam, Anna, Juno and I went swimming in the ocean it was really crazy we couldn’t realise that we have the 3rd of December.

Vamos a la playa

After our drive we swap the groups and we had free time (aka free shore leave), my group decided to visit the little market we already spotted on our walk to the Marine-Science Centre the day before. The traders sold jewellery, carved sculptures and clothes. From the market we walked to a beach near the harbour and had our second swimming session. Sadly the other girls at the beach didn’t have any respect and started grabbing Brians butt. Different country, different culture. I guess afterwards we had some bad ice cream and went back to our meeting point.

Living under 1-2$ a day

During our stay in Cap Verde we got some sad impressions of the poor life that many people live on this island. We saw many people begging for money and villages without any infrastructure. What hit us the most, were the children in our age that already were working. For example: One boy sold shells to earn his own school money.
It made us think about the high life quality and how normal it is to have food, school and the opportunity to travel the world. We should make us more clear how lucky we actually are and be thankful for it.

All in all it was a very beautiful day and were looking forward to switch our anker position and play soccer with locals.

Greetings to all of my family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and in Berlin the university is not to stressful. And to my friends: School is probably really boring but you gonna do it – Christmas is coming !!! I love you all. Mama enjoy your time in Mexico 🇲🇽 🐋.

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