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Transfer to Barrow

Date: 01.09.22
Author: Marvin and some others
Position: Barrow
ETMAL: 461

The early Bird catches the Worm
Our plan for today was departure and heading straight to Barrow.
Because the Barrow Harbour surprisingly wanted us to be there three hours earlier, we (Mizzen Watch) had to be awake at five o’clock, so we could depart in time. Of course, we were very sleepy, but we managed to get out of the harbour without causing any damage to the Pelican of London. For lunch we had a marvellous dish named risotto cooked by our favourite and only cook on board called Kester. Kester if you are reading this please make more cake in order for everyone to have two slices of cake instead of one.

Arriving in barrow
Although we had quite a few difficulties arriving in Barrow we managed to get there safe and sound. Those hardships included one of our Fenders (which is a strong skinned ballon we put between the port and ship in order for us to not bump into the port) bursting which concluded in it loosing air.
We spend the rest of this sunny day on deck, having free time. Lukas, a Watchleader, shared some of his experiences of the six month journey from 20/21, but most the time I used with reading.
In the evening we heard a presentation about the story of sailing (shortened)
and watched „the jungle book“ afterwards. Later on, we just sat on the deck and listened to music until the night.

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