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Trying to cross the Biscaya

Datum: 05.11.2022
Authors: Jonathan und Silas
Position: Landéda
Nautische Position: N48°35,98 W04°33,72
Etmal: 446,6M

Regina lost

Today we lost the head-figure (aka.: Sister Reggie) of the boat. It fell off at around 12o’clock. We immediatly started turning the engine off and pulled down the sails. After the sails were pulled down, the figure was already out of our view. We still turned around and started searching but had no sucess. You could imagine that losing your head-figure is not that big of a problem, but it showed us how important it is to not fall in the water and to be clipped in when there is rough weather. Especially if nobody notices you falling into the water or it’s dark.

Rough Sea

Even though we expected good weather today the sea was very rough. There were very high waves and the wind was coming from South-West. That lead to some very hard watches. It was very cold, we were getting wet and many were seasick. But we were prepared this time. We had many pills, tons of ginger and a lot of Zwieback. That lead to not that many people having to throw up. Also we saw a lot of dolphins. They were swimming next to our boat and made searching for our head-figure a bit more fun.

Visiting France (again)

In the afternoon we were not allowed to stay on deck. That was because the weather was to rough and the crew decided that they are going to steer the ship into the harbor of Landéda. Inside we were also having a hard time. Everything was sliding around and many glasses broke. We are currently looking for land program in the next couple of days. Also we can’t continue because we’d be heading directly into a big storm. We are expected to start sailing again on tuesday evening or wednesday morning.

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