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Two swallows at 00:12:15

Date: 21.03.2019
Author: Jolly Ronja
Position: in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
Nautical position: 30º45.0’ N, 057º53.5’ W
Ethmal: 9974 NM (@ 21:00)

Ahoy! Here speaks your captain in training. I don’t know how much has been said about the mentor’s program – so here’s a brief explanation:

Basically, we five mentors, who have finished school already, get to know what is done in the five departments on deck: bosun, engine, captain, chief and navigational / second officer.

For that we follow the bosun, the engineer, the captain, the first and second mate for four days each. This also includes wake-ups during night times, burocratical paperwork and safety drills.

I really enjoy the program and the opportunity to learn so much (more) about sailing and the day-to-day live of the permanent crew. Having already had my days with the designated teadrinkers Pete and Brian and understood the life lesson of the non-existence of bad time for tea, I’m now back to red watch with Captain Ben.

And then also we had a wonderful shanty evening with Pete and cinnamon rolls from the galley team. 12 minutes after midnight my watch and the day ended excitingly: WE CROSSED THE 10.000 MILES LINE!!! Now we could all get two swallows as a tattoo – if we wanted to 😉


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