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Very exhausting day

Datum: 02.02.2023
Author: Philipp
Position:One World Farm
Ship: Sister Reggie

Today I woke up im my hammok surounded by the Jungle. I heard many different birds and some monkies screaming. After breakfast the non-infected and some of the infected went in the jungle to carry concret and other building materials to finally start construct on the first jungle camp.
So we walked back and forth the main camp and the construction site. Wenn we first arrived at the construction site we saw very very rare spider monkeys.

After a lot of walking back between and forth the camps and a few ant attacks we finally got lunch. All of us had very much mud on them and it was very hot in the jungle.

But after lunch we had to continue carrying materials and then we finally got to start building and put four metal poles in the ground supported by the concret we brought with us. Then we got to go back to the main camp one last time and then everyone of us could finally take a shower.
After the very nice dinner we had a very long ocean college meeting but now I can finally go to bed.

: An Lia, Balin, Niklas, Tim und Leonie
Sarah: An die Familie: Ich bin immer noch gesund, keine Sorge💪🏻
Vanessa: Liebe Oma, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag 🫦

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