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How fast can six teens eat a bucket of ice cream? Incredibly fast!

Date: 24.1.2019
Author: Elly
Position: Coronado, Costa Rica

This day was incredible, like every day in Costa Rica! It started with pancakes, strawberries and pineapple for breakfast – isn‘t that a good start? Then we did our morning sports by walking 30 minutes to the language school together with Fabi and Basti.

Because I wanted to do a video for my daily report we filmed the whole way from our home to the school in this kind of mode where everything is faster (“time lapse” – comment of Justus). In an am/pm shop Basti and me tried to withdraw money but the ATM didn’t work, so we continued to walk to school without any money.

At the academy some guys were playing ping-pong as usual and I filmed them for a while, too. Then we had history lessons, we learned about modern piracy. Helena was looking forward to this topic already on our way to school. After that, we had our 20-minutes-break and like every day the internet collapsed because of 30 students trying to use it.

After 20 minutes of frustrated staring on our phones and trying to sent a message to Europe, we had our Spanish lesson with our lovely teacher Hilda (one of the rare persons who is smaller than me). We were all „very“ motivated (dear Hilda, it wasn’t because of you, it’s just the fact that it was school).

After lunch, which I think was a kind of vegetable pie, some of us walked to a gym with a swimming pool. There we stayed for about two and a half hours. I can’t really remember what we did there for such a long time, although the pool was really nice there wasn’t much to do. However, we spend two and a half hours there and because the sauna was closed we left at about four pm.

From the gym we walked all the way back to the language school and all the way to the park in front of the cathedral. On our way we stopped at the am/pm again and Fabi and Basti bought stracciatella ice cream, m&ms and whipped cream.

Together we (´we` means Helena, Justus, Fabi, Basti, René and me) sat in the park, talked, listened to music, talked, ate the ice cream with whipped cream and m&ms (that took about two minutes), talked and talked and talked. When it became cold and dark we went to the “Kaffa Café” because Justus had to call his host family because of his foot.

About five minutes later Justus host brother José came with his self-tuned car and with him Nick. José offered to drive us to our home. At our host family’s we ate Lasagna and went to bed really soon. I don’t know why but somehow you are reliable tired every evening at eight o’clock here in Costa Rica. Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the day, I did.

P.S.: Video folgt!

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