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Waiting and a very special day

Date: 14.03.2021
Author: Malina
Place: Horta, Faial, Azores
Position: 38°31’8 N, 28°37’5 W

Yesterday we arrived on the Azores and did a PCR test. We hoped, that we are allowed to leave the Pelican and go ashore directly in the morning. But unfortunately we didn’t get the results of the tests so we had to stay on the Pelican a little bit longer.

My day started very nicely because I got woken up with the information, that we have pancakes for breakfast.

That was definitely a good motivation to get up. Unfortunately we don’t have any Nutella anymore but I have still chocolate sprinkles which I put on my pancakes – very delicious.

In the morning meeting we heard, that we cannot go ashore yet. But Priska and Sven announced, that today is a very special day. It ist March (3) ,the 14th. 3,14, that is Pi!

It is Pi-day today.

That is why we will have a competition this evening. In this competition we have to remember as many numbers behind the point from Pi as possible.

Priska printed out a paper with a few hundred decimal places. I think that noone I will learn all of them. In the next hours you saw a few persons sitting, standing or walking around and learning Pi.

And because I like to know useless stuff, I also started. So far I know the first 53 digits: 3,14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582

In the hours until lunch, a few persons went back to bed, others were faffing around and we prepared our boardbook. That is a book that everyone will get after the voyage with all the daily reports in it and also something about every single person. That is quite a lot of work and sitting at a computer tipping everything down.

After lunch Chris made an announcement that our Covid-tests are all negativ. Yeaj! But because our spot in the port is very unsheltered we had a lot of movement last night and that is why we will change this afternoon.

Malina working on the Charts

Before we did this, we first listened to a talk from our captain Chris. When he was in the navy, he spent some time in a submarine. We also watched a short film about submarines. That was very interesting and I definitely know now, that I do not want to work in a submarine.

After this everyone was needed on deck for the mooring. First we braced and then I did the Job I do nearly every time – closing all watertight doors in the Greenmile.

Already after a few minutes we arrived at the mooring next to the marina. Anousch gave me the chance to throw the heaving line.

I am very thankful for that, because I failed yesterday. But today I reached the pier directly.

Malina as a deckhand
Malina working as a deckhand

And then at 16:40 finally we could go ashore. I only walked around a bit, and now I am sitting on a bench in a small park. I enjoy the smell of land and the green in my eyes after so much blue in the last weeks.

Now it is already the next day and we are sitting in a ferry to get to another island for a hike. So I have time to write about the rest of my day.

After half an hour I left the park and went slowly back to the Pelican.

One very cool thing here is, that every vessel which arrives in this harbour is allowed to make a painting on the walls or the ground of the harbour. It is very nice to look at them and we found for example the drawing of the Frederick Capain, which we saw during our first crossing in the middle of the Atlantik.

students- teachers Crew
The students- and teachers Crew from 18/19 around their Painting in Horta
Painting of the very first voyage
The Painting of the very first Voyage in 17/18 on the Pier in Horta.

Back on the Peli we had a nice dinner and packed our stuff for the hike today. And then the pi-competition started. Unfortunately I had a number swap after 19 digits. Our winner was Mats. He knew the first 96 digits from Pi.

Also the movie was not a random one. The vote was between „Good will Hunting“ and „Hidden Figures“. „Life of Pi“ was another idea. In the end we watched „Hidden Figures“ – a very good movie. Nearly everyone went to bed quite early, because we had to get up very early this morning.

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