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We are building a house

Date: 04.01.2019
Author: Christian
Position: Talamanca, Planet One World Farm

Our day started at 07:00, with a wakeup call from Guns‘n‘Roses: „Welcome to the Jungle“. I still felt satisfied because yesterday I was able to proof that there are spiders that reflect the light in the dark (everybody thought I would be insane). Unfortunately, I still felt very sick because I caught a cold a couple of days ago. 

Directly after breakfast, we continued building the traditional kitchen that we started to construct yesterday. We got supervised by Adolfo and Don Julio, indigenous Bri Bri people. The house is built out of almost only natural materials using methods that are thousands of years old. After a long morning, we had the house almost finished, all of us were excited for lunch because the food is always awesome. 

After lunch, Johannes, Ken (our host) and I flew the drone to check the new sights of deforestation and other illegal activities. Sadly, we found a big spot witch was badly damaged, but we took great footage so that Ken is able to use it against the illegal activities. 

He already told me that we have to do many more drone flights to check other regions. After the lunch break, Niki and Ken announced that we are going to be able to go to the beach because we were really efficient in building the house. Eight of us went to the beach, while the rest decided to stay in the house after the hard work.

Sadly, we were not able to take a swim because the surf and the current were really strong and it would have been too dangerous. Nevertheless, the beach was wonderful and we had a great time. After dinner, we played poker, guitar and table tennis. Ken always has an open ear for every question and tries to answer them as good as possible. 

Everybody went to sleep really early because we know that we are going to have another exhausting and fulfilling day tomorrow.

Christian wünscht seiner Mutter viel Glück, Gesundheit und Nerven zum Geburtstag und seiner Schwester viel Glück auf der Reise nach Kanada!

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