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We are nearly there!!!

Date: 06.01.2023
Author: Nathaniel (Nate) Johns
Position: Caribean Sea
Geograhical Position: 11°007’65 N 077°43,24 W Etmal: 6771NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Leaving good old Pelican 🙁

The tension is high on the Pelican since we’ve started packing our bags in Curacao for leaving the ship in Panama on the 9th of January. For me it was kind of hard starting it because I always had to think that we have already finished half of our journey. The journey that was so far away when I applied for Ocean College. I also asked others the same question and they answered:

Leni: „I waited two and a half years for it to happen and now it’s half finished already. While I was packing it made me a little bit sad because I’m gonna miss my friends and the good old Pelican here.“

Fynn: „Until we spent the night on the Tobago Keys, I always taught: „Oh, Costa Rica, it’s still so far away.“ But now I notice that it isn’t. In a few days we will leave the ship and have a great adventure in Costa Rica. But it’s still hard to understand that we have already finished half of this impressive journey.

Matti: „It’s really sad that the adventure comes to a small stop and we are on the halfway back home. It feels like we are packing our bags for leaving the ship forever!!! It’s great here and I don’t wanna leave.
Personally, I’m definitely gonna miss the time with my friends here, working in the galley, climbing the rigging, watching the stars, watching dolphins and definitely the problems with the good old Pelican. But on the other side I could enjoy sleeping in my own bed again, that doesn’t move and, hopefully, is big enough for me ;).“

Ocean College has been and is going to be such a great adventure and experience for me. When I return home, I won’t be the Nate that came on board as a 16 year old boy. I will be a 17 year old sailor, that fought against the stormy winds from Amsterdam through the Bay of Biscay to Costa Rica and back. Ocean College will have shown us all how important it is to always and I mean always work together as a team. Only as a team we can brace the yards, sail the ship, make enough food for everyone …


Thea: Luisa!! Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Viel Spaß noch in England. Matti, mein Watch-Leader wünscht Dir übrigens auch einen schönen Geburtstag. Ich vermisse Dich und freue mich auf den Sommer mit Dir.

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